“UNNECESARY MEANS NOT NECESSARY.” a poem in the series “My RIVER CREST Experiences.” 5 Oct 2019 (Saturday)

“UNNECESARY MEANS NOT NECESSARY.” a poem in the series “My RIVER CREST Experiences.” 5 Oct 2019 (Saturday)

I’ve been on SO MANY, many trips, by truck and by car,

But THIS ONE was the most dangerous one ever by far,

And I learned A LOT about: IF AND WHEN TO GO;

Here are some things I think you should know:

(1) Determine your options, for ANOTHER OPTION is often there,*

That will make your journey unnecessary, so you won’t have to “STARE,

INTO THE JAWS OF DEATH,” wondering why you came this way,

Because “Unnecessary Means NOT Necessary,” so you can enjoy The Day;

(2) Ask this question: “Would I send my beloved child into this fray?”

And if the answer is “NO,” put off the excursion for, at least, another day,

And, then, maybe a week, a month or even a year,

Until the reason for even doing it is no longer clear.

[At some point, the whole thing is simply passed,

And BREAD on the “River Crest” you will have cast.]

(3) IF you are thrown a hot potato, quickly throw it back or LET IT COOL;

“School’s out!” Wise up! Even though I MIGHT BE A FOOL,

Perhaps I don’t have to be a “darned” fool, you know;

UNNECESSARY means NOT necessary; that’s it, and let’s go on with The Show.

And LIFE IS A SHOW, with this world of docs and pills,

Churches and governments shouldMakeUsAll run for THE HILLS;

And “The Hills Have I s,” which means: We’re standing on egoic notions;

I LOVE: games, pharma drugs, yoga, aromatherapy and soothing massage lotions.


Which is ALL DRIED UP here, but with air conditioning to keep our mentally deranged heads cool.

fin ♥

An actual former employee review: “You will be expected to work yourself to exhaustion on a daily basis. By the time you get home from work all you have the energy to do is go to bed. A typical work day here involves being short-staffed, feeling constantly overwhelmed, and being expected to do more than is ever humanly possible for one individual to do. Patients are run through like cattle, with the goal of admitting as many as possible, regardless of the quality of care provided to them. There is very little regard for staff’s safety and dangerous patients are accepted even when there is not enough staff to appropriately care for the nonviolent ones . Employees are viewed as disposable. The Corporation’s goal is to hire people and take advantage of them, working them like slaves for as long as they possibly can, until they quit. Then, try to sucker someone else into accepting a job here. River Crest’s reputation is already so bad, they are running out of suckers!”

  • – I met River Crest’s absolutely wonderful physical therapist, SO HAPPY I had come to pick up my friend from “their facility” because, otherwise, a “staff” member would have had to have returned him to Alpine, Texas, U. S. A., about 200 miles away! I never even knew that I did not HAVE to come, that one of their people could have saved me over 400 miles, pretty much the whole day, and THE PERILS OF TRAVELING that stretch of road between Big Lake and McCamey (Texas), which is FILLED with BIG, oil rigs and oil field trucks, Mack and Otherwise, traveling on a badly kept 2-lane “highway?” The perils of driving on that piece of s h – – road, dodging death mobiles for over an hour is beyond imagination, especially when you have a drug-riddled friend, who MUST discuss the latest cell phone technology, oblivious to the ever-present dangers of the travel situation. It is a wonderful experience; I do NOT recommend it, even to the staff at the beautiful, expensive and lush RIVER CREST Psychiatric Hospital, in wondrous San Angelo, Texas, U. S. A., The Garden Spot of The World and the national psychiatric medical community.