“Hello, World! I’m Ukraine.


“Hello, World! I’m Ukraine.

I decided to tell you about myself so we could get to know each other better. I was born on a warm summer day on August 24th, 1991. I’m only 30, but my roots are big and grow deep into history.

My ancestors were wise and brave people who left a rich culture for me and toughened my character. I have my own language, my own traditions, my own cuisine. I have seas and meadows, rivers, deserts, fields, and forests.

Maybe, it’s bold, but I am a very beautiful woman.

My children, the Ukrainians, are strong, brave, talented, smart, witty, creative, friendly, sincere and free-spirited people. I am proud of them, just as every mother is proud of her children. Proud of their inventions, their achievements, their creativity, and their diligence.

Yes, there are more than 40 million of them, and, as it happens in big families, they have not always agreed on everything. But they had so many happy moments!

All those years I’ve raised love for freedom and a desire to be free in them.

Now we have war.

Those who are used to living in the darkness decided to destroy me and our freedom forever. Fate has marked each of my generations with ordeals. And now we are having dark times again.

My children have to protect me – and they do it rather skillfully, because they are mine. Brave and strong. It’s a very hard time for us, but, as a real family, we joined to be together. To support each other.

Today we fight, but we are not afraid. That’s just how we were raised. We will stand! I know it.

My wounds will heal, and my children will heal.

My name is Ukraine. I really feel your support, world. And I’m grateful for that. We will definitely win, and I’ll wait for you to visit me. See you.”

Director – Artem Hryhoriyan @artemgrygoryan
Assist/Producer – Maksym Serdiuk @kazkovyi_lyshai
Voice – Ivanna Sakhno @ivannasakhno
Word “Ukraine” – Nikita Laptinov @nikita.laptinov

By Peace Truth

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