Toy Story~

“TOY STORY!” a poem August 28, 2019 (Wednesday)

I can’t think of anything more glorious than being your “Raggedy Andy” toy!

You could be my “Raggedy Ann,” and I’d be your special boy!

We could comfort one another throughout the night,

And cuddle in the morning, in The Dawn’s New Light!

I could be your “sheik:” a Teddy who-would whisk you away,

On the back of your hobby horse, and we’d both shout: “Hooray!”

We’d ride-to and hide-in our get-a-way, beneath the sheet!

Toy lovers, kissing and cuddling; it would be so neat!

We could be Barbie and Ken playmates, and we’d each take a turn,

Cooking and cleaning and striving to learn,

How to-be the-best companion(s) we-could-be by-far!

And, when-we’d-go-out, we’d roll-along in-our rubber band car!

A good toy’s forever; it always makes us happy!

We’ve lots of toys in our bed, when we take our nappy!

Toys play and play, throughout the day

Toys! Toys R Us, and you might hear us say:

“We love to jump on the bed, clean up, and-I’m so in love with you,

Playing happily! For, them that plays together stays together’ too!”

You please me and tease me! You just make me squeal,

With grand delight! We like to touch and feel!

Of course, we’ll take care of us, for toys are del-i-cate!

When people find us together, they’ll simply say: “What? (pause)

Those two are just toys!” (pause) But! There’s nothing we couldn’t do,

Like walk and play and talk and sing – and act like we’re brand new!

fin ♥

By ace101

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