KINDNESS WISDOM Letter To My Husband

Today’s impressions on life as I see it today ~ Letter to my Husband ©️

The Photographer removed the Mobile Phones

Mr. Ellis, extraordinary photograph. Lost communictions or forgotten how to communicate. Scott this is the future, the possibility is folk will still have to learn how to read again, so there’s a bright side. Or are we being programmed to teach our children to marry smartphones instead? 😂😂

Communication ☎️
Turn your phones off
Communicate with your 👀
Smartphones are not your friends they are your enemy
Personal Relationships are breaking down, trust is being corroded with mistrust
Once couples weren’t tempted to believing they could control their already fractured lifestyle changes of this modern age.
Divorce rate statics is soaring with the advancement of the Smart Phones, giving people access to all the other services in demand for Dating Sites, Social Media Marketing strategy, porn sites, scam junk.
Addiction to Devices is the latest mental health issues facing the world today.

Read it and let it sink in ~

Every relationship will become boring some times. Love isn’t a feeling, it’s a commitment to love every moment, every day, physically and emotionally.

It’s not difficult if you truly fall in love, it’s your rewards for your devotion, trust unto your other half. Love is not about you, it’s about them first. For if you truly fall in love with your other half your mind is geared to make them smile, to be safe comfortable with your presence. Companionship, the great big umbrella you created for your loved one is a sacred home. Be the best mate you can be, never think love is about you, never comprise your partner’s personal space. Ask permission that is courtesy, manners are treasures in a partnership of a loving family. Complementary behaviour is building trust.

Keep your partner valuable, loved just cause you intend to cherish the love of your life.

You need your partner in life not to give up on you in life, you deserve that person not to give up on you and love you unconditionally then you do the same.



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