“TINKER’S SONG!” a poem July 2, 2019 (Tuesday)

“TINKER’S SONG!” a poem July 2, 2019 (Tuesday)


Just “tinking-away”-here – in this H – L L,

With PETER-PAN, not-much-of-a-man,

Without-my helping – [and]-helping-han[d]!

I help-him in this world-of-woe,

And-remind-him often ’bout-what-He-don’-know,

Or-what-he’s-forgot, THAT-THIS-PLANET’s-A-DREAM!

So, there’re other-dreams to-which-we-might beam!

We’ll-travel “in-JOY” “with-Lights-of-Love!”

Some-places-‘re-below!!! and-some-‘re-above!

Some-got-nasty-girls – and-pirates – and-kings,

And (Lordy! Lordy!) “Lords o’-The-Rings!”

And Harry Potter’s – sittin’ on his pot,

And “PETER PAN, we-got A-LOT,

‘Cause-we-got: you -and-me -in-har-mo-ny.

But-I sometimes wish – I-could ‘set-you-on-my-knee!’ “

But-I’m-just-a-little TINKER-BELL,

Tryin’-t’-make-sure that-you’re-doin’-well!

fin <3

By ace101

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