Book Review: “TICKLE MASTER!” in the form of a poem for March 20, 2019 [in March] The Month of: “Are You A Robot!?” [Wednesday]

THE TICKLER came over one evening, for LAUGHTER and/or TORMENT;😁
To-see-how-far-(s)he’d-go, I agreed – to-bondage IN THE MOMENT,

BUT! never do this UNLESS you have GREAT faith – in-that-“special”-one-who,
Wields THE FEATHER DUSTER! especially one that’s NEW!
For an untried tickler – can have a “mind of its own!!!”
[The feathers may CONTROL their user, IF-THEY’RE-LEFT ALONE,
Without any safeguards, relative to Time & Space!}😃🤣

Now, THOSE SPACES – can offer life OR death, depending upon tenderness and pace!😁😃

So – “The Tickler came over one evening, for laughter and/or torment!”

To see how far (s)he took me, whether I ended ALIVE – or dorment,
Read in Kindle Readers, but-BEWARE, you MIGHT-find a surprise;😄😆
Some “ticklers” are sensible – and some are so-o-o-o-o unwise!

fin <3🙊🙉🙈