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Those Who Have Ears Let Them Hear


This was the most amazing thing that Jesus (Iesu) said on that day on the mount speaking to people about the God and love people – though it took many years to ‘ Understand ‘ as l now know – but people l had two ears but forgot what l felt in my ‘ Heart ‘ – people do that to You 💥

So what do l now ‘ Understand ‘ – its Simple as with all my ‘ Teaching ‘ many people have ‘ Two Ears But Use Only One ‘ oh they hear what is said but do not ‘ Understand ‘ they stop up there ‘ Hearing ‘ with all that they have learned but – Like I Forgot Love In My Heart – Remember l Said God Wanted My Mind & Voice – But First God Had To Put Love Into My Heart – Well without that my both ears were useless to ‘ Hear ‘ so as with many years of being ‘ Taught ‘ lone day saw the ‘ Light Dawn In Me ‘ and opened my ‘ Heart ‘ and now l can – Listen 💥

You see – l say unto you that word spoken by Jesus (Iesu) means more to me today as now l can use both ears and my heart together as one in what l call – Harmony as its like sweet music to my ears and a wonderful feeling in my Heart of God Speaking & Me Listening With All of Me ‘ thus fulfilling that ‘ Promise ‘ that God wanted my Heart & My Voice ‘ but First as with God always First before he cannot take anything will ‘ Give A Gift ‘ of Love – Now & Forevermore in Peace & Truth 💥


By ace101

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