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Thomas Hungerford ~ Hunter River Australia

Thomas Hungerford M.L.A., after whom the township was named, was born in Ireland in 1824. He arrived in Australia with his father in 1828 and took up residence at Baerami, which formed part of a Crown grant on the Hunter River. He was educated at Maitland, and after leaving school, and following the early training in pastoral activities, he and two of his brothers set out for the north-west interior.

They were with the first party of white men to cross the Barwon and open up county on the western bank of the river.

He later took up country on the Culgoa, and later still taking up vast areas of land in New South Wales and Queensland, but retaining Baerami as the centre of his pastoral operations. During his journeys back and forth between his properties, he often camped at a spot on the Paroo River, which became know as “Hungerford’s Camp”, and later as the township of Hungerford.

Thomas Hungerford was twice elected M.L.A. for the Upper Hunter, in 1875 and again in 1885, and for the electorate of Northumberland in 1877.

His parliamentary career was marked by an earnest desire to do the best for his adopted country and in this desire he was aided by his great knowledge of the country.

He died at Ashfield in 1904, leaving a widow and 15 children.

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