They either stay calm and “deal with it?” Or – THEY TOO – START T ‘-CUS-S!

“ANGER!” a poem August 26, 2019 (August)

Should you be FREE? from anger? is it ever pos-s-i-ble?

What of: “Righteous Indignation?” Remember, “The Money Changers’ Booths” Were tos-s-a-ble, At least-by-an ANGRY JESUS! Was that guy out-a control?

AND: Did that story really ever happen? TRUTH!? (L. O. L.!) is “on patrol!”

Does The Enlightened One never get angry? or does he do it on purpose? Is it OK-IF you recognize “the rage?” Is anger like gas for a baby, and God’ll simply-burp-us?

But – all-rhyming-aside, can ANGER really be good or bad?

Isn’t it just something that happens!? That some of us called: “MAD!”

It certainly has an effect – on the people around u-s-s!

They either stay calm and “deal with it?” Or – THEY TOO – START T ‘-CUS-S!

If YOU get mad, in front of ME – I think you’re “my reflection,”

And we’re getting angry, at-the-same-time – or-maybe-just-me! AND, CAN AN ANGRY INFLECTION,

Be turned around – INTO LAUGHTER? When you “see” how ridiculous you look!

But, face-it! WE ALL LOOK SO RIDICULOUS anyway, but angER (SEEMS-to-be-able-TO-REALLY) “COOK.

MY GOOSE,” for-when-it’s-on-the-loose,

It’s hypnotic noose,

Can choke you pretty good then,

AND-LATER – some-physical-sickness-it-can-sen[d].

With: REGRET! Embarrassment!

And-downright AMAZEMENT,

That I – can be “set-off” “in the twinkling of an eye!”

It (just) emphasizes – this fragile, frail THING!

I spy,

When I look in the mirror – and shake my head!

Some people look SO harshly, they want to be dead!

For, I think, most people don’t think ANGER – has a healing touch!

But, like war, isn’t there a time for anger? or Am I reaching far TOO MUCH,

Seeking answers? to questions I have, perhaps, been told I should ask?


A mask of APPARENT? understanding! A mask of con-descension!

PEOPLE GET ANGRY! That’s what happens sometimes! in-ThIS 3rd-Dimension!

fin ♥

By ace101

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