“THE WATCHER !” a poem a.k.a.: “YOU KNOW!?” March 24, 2019 [SUNDAY]

Something’s watching, watching you!!!! Watching YOU RIGHT-NOW! [ ]

Is it FRIENDLY? Well, I’m-not-sure!? It could-be- Chairman Mao,*

With a SICKLE, so-you-can-cut – so-you can go “to work!”

IT’S WATCHING YOU! and, sometimes! (pause) It’s calling you “A Jerk!!”

“You JERK! J – J – J! Oo – oo -ooo! You-better-best-behave,

OR! I WILL GETCHA! Yeah, I will! You silly, horny knave!!”

SOMETHING!-could-be your-best-friend! but-also- perhaps-your-foe,

Yes! It might be so many things – that we may never know! [ ]

Can you feel [that] you’re being watched, as you sit- – – [here] with ME?

Don’t be scared! For, IF YOU’RE THOUGHTFUL, I-AM sure you’ll see,

That THE SOMETHING that is watching – and-also, ever waiting,

And dying!-living!-laughing!-loving! is-ENJOYING ALSO- HATING!

BUT, IT’S-JUST-YOU!!! Yes! ONLY YOU! You silly, s-x-y beast,

Yup! Well-at-least – you-know-what-it-is!

NOW, you-know AT LEAST!

fin <3

* – a once famous Chinese dictator, who stressed hard work and “Love of THE STATE!”

The Watcher Chase me if you can 😁😂😃

2 thoughts on ““THE WATCHER !”

  1. francisashis – Life is invaluable so let's speak more of life and it's glories. Let us support others to take life as an important assign which must be completed in a joyful way and thus tasting the real essence of it.It is the greatest gift of God for all of us so we ought to accept it in a jovial way.Disinterest in doing so invites the end of it.
    francisashis says:

    Thanks for the lovely update.

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