The Truth Prevails like Justice must Prevail for the original Aboriginal Sovereign Land owners

The Truth Prevails like Justice must Prevail for the original Aboriginal Sovereign Land owners..
The Land was Never Ceeded and as the Aboriginal of Australia a Stolen Country say…
Always was and Always will be Aboriginal Land …i add..Sea And Waters..
Invaders by Deception and Theft.. Settlement was enforced not agreed or Consented to..
The Defence In the Noongar Not For Sale iLUAs and the Fundamental Question of Sovereignty..
The State Solicitor claims that by Proclamation of a Foreign Invading Deceptive Power whose Leader at The Time A Red Coat Thief proven without A Shadow of Doubt Capt James Stirling in the j Wilcox 3year Trial for Noongar Sovereignty in the Single Noongar Claim that i fought for as The Legal Advocate for my Noongar People..members of the Noongar Land Council as i am still also the Unpaid servant for continuing The Sovereignty issue which we had Clearly Proved and Won.. 19th Sept 2006. Now after prescedents Set at law in the British Crown’s Federal Courts show Clearly the Lies Deception of these illegal Occupiers.. Mabo Terra Nullius. As an example but interestingly the Never Claimed Proclamation as Deed of Land Title..
Yellagonga never agreed to any such Ridiculous Proclamation… To steal his Communities Land? The State Solicitor needs to understand Proclamation is Not Worth Legally Or Lawfully what its Written..
Yes we must accept like it or Not Settlement Took Place and things cannot be reversed.. But A iLUA is infact “An Indigenous land Use Treaty” its Not a “Sale of Land Sea And Waters Agreement ” and its from the same State Government office another Scam in Collusion with all the British Crown Agencies State Commonwealth and The Prescribed Body Corporate A “White Government Funded Land Council” called South West Aboriginal Land And Sea Council. Set up by ATSIC funded by the British Crown Government. The NNTT are also in Collusion and maybe even the Perth Federal Court… We are patiently waiting for a Trial Date.. But The State Solicitor who now Represents SWALSC has come up with half intelligent mind can plainly deduct his Claim for the Band of Thieves is Capt James Stirling the Red Coat Proven thief Made a Proclamation.. I think the Federal Court should Deem this Defense Frivilous and Certainly Vexatious…I say.. Peter David Legal Advocate for the Noongar People and Members of our Noongar Land Council Perth WA.
Posted by brother FP David