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“CONFUSION!” a poem a.k.a.: “Resolution or What NOT?!” 13 June 2019 [Thor’s Day]

IF everything COSTS something, “Is it worth it?” you ask;

“Is there free? Is there expensive? What IS our task?”

Perhaps: To (IF you wish) decide what any of this means!!

To-do-that, you-might (1) define-terms-and (2) go-back-to-your-teens,

When most (?) of us [thought] we had-a-pretty-good-idea-what-was-going-on!!

I emptied the garbage, went to school and – mow-ed the grassy lawn!

We got an “allowance” to hone fiscal skills,

And-we-went-to-our-classes, dreamin’-’bout-future-thrills!

We “threw caution to the wind,” but-worried, how-we-might-look,

And we took stuff without paying, acting like a crook!

We THOUGHT we’d get along with a bunch of fine things,

And-in-the-end, we-were-tangled in “The Theory of Strings!”*

THERE’S A BALANCE AROUND HERE? I think you might notice,

You SEEM to get what you pay for! If you steal, is there a “lotus!”**

Things come and things go; a soft rag is so porous;

And the people who are stable – are-they probably Taurus!***

The “Taurians”*** are STABLE, and they haul the long haul,

They give and they take, without much of a ball!

So say: “QUID PRO QUO,” and don’t imagine there’ll be,

A quid without quo – Can it happen for Thee?

What-you-want must have value, even-if only for you,

Is it real? Is it free? It still APPEARS to be true!


Sometimes events! are-between-friends; and-sometimes-between-foes!?

So, do we ever really know if there is a FAIR SWAP?

Do you have-to decide about that? or – can you stop?

Can-you decide NOT to decide – until you’ve had a little sleep,

Because things in the morning are NEVER that DEEP!

So: Is there anything WORTH IT? and is anything FREE?

Are things TOO expensive? Do you REALLY “Love me?”

I think NONE of these questions has-or-will-ever-have-an-answer!

YOU GIVE AND YOU TAKE! Try-to-be-a-reasonable-“cancer!”

Like good-old King David, with the Covenant Ark,

Don’t you dare touch it! You might leave a mark,


We touched! We would dare,


For we KNEW we were lost,

In space, spinning ’round,

On a sphere! SO PRO-FOUND!

Yet, we SEEMED to be solid, so awfully steady,

Goin’-a-thousand-miles-per-hour! Yeah? Are you ready,

To admit: YES! Oh, yes! It’s-well-worth-the-hassle,

To spin-around this fast – and to wear you a tassel,

On a board hat, when you’re bored, graduating from a-“school,”

That graduates – initiates – and-instructs just-“The-Cool?”

Which ALSO instructs us: TO: SOW-[OUR]-WILD-OATS,

But! Did you REALLY – have to take [ANY] NOTES!

Confused yet? Well, good! Welcome to THE CLUB,

Of every darn human! We’re-goin’-down! Blub, blub, blub!

So, either you struggle! to – come up (often) for air,

Or you learn to breath anyway – in the water DOWN THERE!

fin <3

  • – a theory of “Quantum Gravity,” which apparently replaces our “old school” “particulate matter” theories with, get this: ONE DIMENSIONAL STRINGS! [Don’t blow my mind, it’s already gone.] What a bunch of malarkey; however, THAT’S WHAT HUMANS DO! They talk about crap “until the cows comes home” – or they go to sleep, whichever comes first!! Welcome to PLANET EARTH, oh Ye Sleepers! Zzzzzzzzzz.

** – The lotus is considered A NICE THING! If you steal, does the acquired THING give you as much pleasure? Do you treat it with the same reverence? YOU answer the question! or NOT!

*** – an astrological sign! but! Is astrology, perhaps, a bunch of bull?!

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