“THE PSYCHOLOGY OF LATENESS.” a poem November 2, 2019 (Saturday) Don’t you tell me what to do 👨‍🔧

“THE PSYCHOLOGY OF LATENESS.” a poem November 2, 2019 (Saturday)

When I was a lad, I recall NO ONE grumbling, “You’re late.”

Although, I’m sure sometimes I must have been tardy in school; I imagine the teacher might say: “Now, WAIT,”

I can imagine I might have explained that “something came about.”

And The Teacher might say: “OK, no problem,” and NOT get too angry or pout.

In OUR FAMILY, usually we didn’t set time tables that might set us up to be late;

We just said: “Come about 7:00 P. M.,” and we showed up about 7:00; it was great,

For our family traditions and values did not put a premium on,

Such exacting PUNCTUALITY, but NOW I’ve some friends, who want me to don,

The “Don’t Be Late At All Around Me” CAP & THEY tell me to wear that thing,

Or else they refuse to have me even come around to talk or to sing.

I guess in their families and in their growing up,

People HAD TO BE punctual, perhaps abrupt,

And these traditions MUST PREVAIL, lest I be labeled “chronic,”

And, if I am late or ever “kid” about it, they will go into SUPER SONIC,


Well, that just means, if I want to be around them, I better “hop to it” or I’ll rue the day,

When I’m even a few minutes late; CHRONIC LATENESS. O. M. G. No. but wait:

What about COMPROMISE? Isn’t friendship worth a few minutes HERE OR THERE?

They say: “NO.” I say: (pause) “Of such people, you might want to beware,”

For VERY EXACTING PEOPLE will be exacting in other regards too,

Preferring to MAKE YOU IN THEIR IMAGE, saying “YOU shouldn’t be YOU;

Rather, you should adapt yourself TO MY POINT OF VIEW.”

Of course, isn’t that KIND OF SILLY? {just a bit?} To such people, I might suggest “TAKE A NEW,

PERSPECTIVE.” Shall we call it: GIVE and TAKE,

& don’t always think YOU SHOULD ALWAYS GET YOUR WAY, for goodness’ sake.

For, the people of such temper, I THINK might be oft’ seen, sitting alone,

Muttering: “MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY” and chewing on a bone.

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