The Promised Land ~

“NON-SEEKING!” a poem – to celebrate the eventual end of another Friday! 06/21/2019


Who knows-where-that-will-go!

Just two steps ahead – and one step back!

Do it again! For-nothing I lack!

I’ll do my best!?* * – another’s-idea-of-BAD!

I’ll let THEM judge! I won’t be sad!

For, I’ve had so much – of-sad, based-on-YOUR,

IDEA OF PERFECT, your-idea-of-“pure!”

I AM NOT pure; I am not vile;

I’ll always walk an extra mile,

To see your face -and touch your hand,

Hoping to experience “your promised land!”

And, if that do[es]n’t-work, I’m still OK;

I’ll wait! I’ll wait! for another day!

Then, I’ll-try-again, and HOPE FOR NAUGHT,

For nothing here have I sought!

fin <3