The Professor’s New Journey ~ Mystic Poet

The Professor’s New Journey ~ Mystic Poet

I found this by the bed! It appears to have been written by “somebody else,” certainly NOT ME! Therefore, since I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S IN IT and I am just going to type in down, word for word, having no judgment, I AM SURE that the censors at Facebook, Tumblr and all the rest will simply allow it to be posted – because it is obviously coming from The Unconscious Mind and, therefore, can NOT be deemed inappropriate and/or lewd! It is simply: WHAT IT IS! Don’t you-all agree, y’all!?

“THANK GOD FOR MAKING ME AN ATHEIST!” 05/31/2019 [It was Friday!]

It’s the last day of May & I expect to pay,

For this poem, but – please consider the way,

That I shall tactfully offer it – to you bunch of wonderful folks, [intriguing so far?]

And, of course, since it’s only The Mystic Poet – it could just be a poem about jokes,

But let’s start at The Beginning or A Beginning – of some Time then,

Before there was the existence of mice or men,

The “brilliant” world treatises say SIMPLY “There was NAUGHT!”

Not even a place to pee or poo! That’s right, NAUGHT even a pot!

And from NOTHING, which makes no sense AT ALL,

There came SOMETHING – Is this tale too tall?

There “came?” something into (2) time & space!

Is this getting too silly for you yet? Well, just you brace!

Because that “something” [L. O. L.] is what Religion calls GOD,

And that is something – people are supposed to laud,

And HONOR! (pause) and (pause) OBEY!

And -yet, from (or – of) THAT – everything-emerged-down-to-The-Present-Day!!

OK! So, GOD!? peeled off parts of itself,

And-we-are-in-God’s-“image!?” [Words are in books and should be locked away


And – we’re one with The Source,

And, also, _ [I can’t read it!] of a horse!

And there are atheists close by,

Who are rotten[?] of[?] lie . . .

About God – who . . . [This is where it ends!] [I think I see a kaleidoscope eye!]

fin <3

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