The playing is the thing ~

“DESPITE THE THINGS WE DO, ALL WILL BE WELL!” a poem for: Sunday [June 9, 2019]

“The Play’s the thing!” “The game’s a-foot!”

And-questions are-all- together-moot!

Why-do-we-do the things we do?

There was a time, I THOUGHT I KNEW,

But-now-I’m-quite-sure: I-never-had-“a-clue!”

And-now-I-don’t-care ’bout-The-WHY-HOW or-WHO,

For-I’m fairly content to-be ig-nor-[e]ant, (pause)

For, I-really DON’T-think we-are Heaven-sent!

Yet, we’re-certainly-not-so-“bad” [that] we should go to H – L L!

And, despite-every-thing I’m-sure-ALL-WILL-BE-WELL,

Despite that-The-World seems-to-be running-“pell mell!”

“For whom it tolls, there-goes-The-Bell!”

Oh-yeah-whatever! Relax! Every-thing-will-be-OK,

And, IF-NOT, no-one’s-changin’-it anyway!

fin <3

    By ace101

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