Story Teller

The Old Highway.

Janet loved walking down the old abandoned highway on cool crisp Autumn evenings; she had a favourite spot at the end of the road where the old bridge used to cross the river. The old bridge had long since been torn down, but the concrete piers still existed; this is where she loved to sit, looking up at the stars, hearing the slow churn of the river below. This night had started like any other night, but this particular night, Janet had an uneasy feeling; she didn’t know why, but this place, her favourite secret spot, usually was serene and peaceful. This night though, a sense of dread hung in the air. Janet tried shrugging off this feeling, but it was still present, then she noticed the area grow very quiet. She saw headlights approaching from across the river down the other abandoned portion of the highway; in all her years, she had never been on that side of the river; she had thought about exploring many times, but getting over there would be quite the ordeal. To get over there, she had only three choices, first, cross the river, the second cross over on the new highway bridge, which was very narrow with lots of traffic, third, cross the old train bridge; all three choices involved risky business. Janet knew or guessed the old highway on that side went on for probably a tenth of a mile or so; she figured it was possible to drive a car on that side, so seeing the headlights didn’t startle her that much; the approaching vehicle was moving very slowly, the glow of the headlights seemed ominous though. Janet watched intensely from her spot; she had moved from her usual location to a new place where she was mostly hidden but still would have a clear view across the river. As she watched, all of a sudden, the headlights were turned off, but faintly, she could hear the car still approaching very, very slowly, almost to the edge where it stopped. Janet could not see the car very good, but it looked ancient, like a car from the thirties maybe. Then she saw two figures emerge from the vehicle, everything grew very still, enough so that she could silence words between the two figures, this is what she heard…”WE KNOW you’re OVER THERE WATCHING US?…Janet felt a cold chill sweep over her, she was scared, but she knew these two posed no immediate threat to her, driving over here would take at least ten minutes, and that much time through the woods and crossing the river, so she waited in silence. Finally, both figures got back in the car; Janet watched as it slowly backed up the old highway. When it was out of sight, Janet thought, I could stay here for a few more minutes then leave. Thirty seconds later, Janet felt a cold wave sweep over her. It happened Janet heard the low swirl of a car motor behind her, slowly Janet in utter panic, looked over her shoulder she saw the car and the two figures looking at her from about 30 feet away…instantly Janet heard the car doors creaking open, in full terror Janet jumped up and started running down the bluff towards the river when she reached the river’s edge she didn’t know what to do or think, as she looked at the pier where she had been sitting, she saw the two figures looking down at her. Janet detected movement from behind her on the other bank of the river; Janet felt another sense of dread sweep over. Still, this feeling didn’t seem ominous like the other, more at peace, just sad…then the figure across the river spoke ever so slowly…” THEY won’t COME DOWN HERE…I won’t GO UP THERE…NOWHERE TO RUN…NOWHERE TO HIDE…MAKE A CHOICE…BUT CHOOSE WISELY? Janet hysteric now passed out from terror…Janet woke up in terror a few hours later, she was sopping wet and was lying on the old highway, she thought was that a dream? Then she started looking around to get her bearings, in sheer terror she was on the other side of the old highway, as she looked across to her side she saw the two figures looking back at her…then they turned and headed for the car…It occurred to Janet at that moment her choice was wrong…she turned around and started walking down the dark abandoned old highway…Then Janet Saw Headlights Coming Towards Her…Janet Kept Walking!!!

By Peace Truth

Life is like a bunch of roses. Some sparkle like raindrops. Some fade when there's no sun. Some just fade away in time. Some dance in many colors. Some drop with hanging wings. Some make you fall in love. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Life you can be sure of, you will not get out ALIVE.(sorry about that)