“THE MASTER CAME TO ME & SAT DOWN BESIDE!”  a poem  March 11, 2019 [Mon.] ~ J Jay SAMUEL DAVIS

“THE MASTER CAME TO ME & SAT DOWN BESIDE!” a poem March 11, 2019 [Mon.]

The Master came to me – and sat down, beside:
“Come along, Little Voyager; let’s both take a ride!
We’ll talk about love – and I’ll pour the tea!”
So, we traveled along together – on-top-of The Sea!

We sipped, and we noticed – The Clouds in the air!
“Every cloud loves you, but none can compare,
To another – for each cloud has its design;
So each, in ITS own way – will say: ‘You are mine!’
And so it is with people! All will love you as they will;
Some will try to feed you! Some will force a pill!
Some will want to be close! (pause) and, Yes! Some! Far away,
But ALL LOVE IS GOOD LOVE – Don’t judge The Array!
Accept each lover’s offering, with a respect and with a calm!
Some may try to kill you! Yes, it might even be your mom,
Who will listen to the suggestion(s) – of The World’s Killing Thieves,
And, yes, they don’t love you less! (pause) They just ‘sport’ a few more ‘cleaves,”
Apparent-in – ‘unclean?’ feet, although their ‘tastes’ are ‘sublime!’
Some of your lovers feel – they should be more prominent in your rhyme,
So, it follows, they will need more – material attention,
Such as seeking out: doctors! and lawyers! and Divine Intervention!
EVERYONE HAS ‘THEIR’ ‘LOVE STYLE;’ accept ALL with great love too;
However, you needn’t eat all that they might serve to you,
But, they don’t need to know that – so TAKE! THANK! and REFLECT,
That YOUR love may not be considered ‘perfect’ – by those who are wrecked,
On their islands of broken expectations of dreams YOU didn’t fulfill,
For, some will never realize: ONLY T H E Y CAN ‘FIT THE BILL!’ “

fin <3

And so the MASTER speaks the truth
Interpret your way
Never underestimate the words of the Story Teller
J.Jay Samuel Davis 〰️ Author

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