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“THE SHEEP ON THE SHEPARD’S SHOULDERS SPEAKS” a poem written Sunday, but posted on Monday, September 16, 2019. a.k.a.: “Did I REALLY Need To Go After THIS ONE?” a. k. a.: “The Same Old Refrain.”

The Sheep:

“Thank you, Lord for finding me; I must have wandered off too far,

BUT itTookYou long enough to find me. WHY? Did you not bring the car?

Jesus JESUS, YOU ARE PERFECT, but I think you’re late again;

Jesus, YOU ARE SINLESS, BUT I spot a spot of sin.

And you might notHaveSaidThat QuiteRight WhyNotReviewThat Teaching,

But YOU HAVE NEVER A FLAW; oh, ME? No, no, I am NOT preaching,

At you Dear, Dear Lord; youMistake my POINT OF VIEW.

OF COURSE YOU N E V E R MAKE MISTAKES; yourAura’s a flawless hue.

Dear Lord: Yes, please forgive me; ImayHaveStrayed a bit too far,

But I know You’ll forgive me andMySins. Forgiving you are.

I am so glad We’reAllFamilyHere andThatYou’re My Perfect Sav-i-or.

LORD JESUS I LOVEyOUaNdYou’reAlwaysRight;

Can you car-ry me SOME MORE?”

fin ♥

By ace101

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