“THE ITALIAN WAY!” a poem, to be song to the song: “Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog!” [Three Dog Night] written: on September 11, 2019 (Wednesday)

Giovannia was “a hit-man!” I think he was a friend of mine,

‘Cause he never shot at me or cut my throat (pause) but he once threw a telephone line,

and he “beaned me” and-I started-to-whine!

  • Singing: Why-y-y-y do you kill? Does-it-really give-you a thrill? Do you love anybody, my dear, old friend – and what-will happen in The-End?

[Optional: You-know it might-be-a bloody end!]

Although-he watched my back, I-know, sometimes, He usually seemed hard & mean,

But lemme tell ’bout Giovanni’s cookin’ (pause) ’cause Giovanni wasn’t lean;

  • Singing:
  • Singing:

The Italian-Way’s-about cook-ing! THEY COOK FOR THOSE THEY LOVE,

And IF Giovanni ever dies, I-say-he’s-going to-Heaven up above,

With some wine and cheese, I’m dreamin’ of!

  • Singing: He-e-e-e likes to kill – ’cause savory meat gives-him a thrill!

He loves us so much – that he’ll cook a dish,

Of meat balls or a nice, red fish!

  • Singing:

Yeah, for those he loves, he’ll make k-nish!

And it hurts him – if you don’t eat his quiche!

He LOVES to serve gourmet pork ‘n’ bean,

And-cooked-dishes, the BEST I’ve ever seen!

  • Singing: * Singing: * Singing: * Singing:
  • Singing: [You know it might-be-a TAS-TY end!]

fin ♥

By ace101

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