Gay and Free –

“THE DEVA’S STRING CHEESE STRUT!” a poem a.k.a.: “Lots-A Mozza – rella!” [a poem within a poem or something like that] June 29, 2019 (Saturday)

Gay – and Free – and Full of Color, the girl, she-eats string cheese,*

With tattoo marks – and bouncy step, The Men fall – to their knees!

Her hair, SO BLOND[E] [it]-outshines-The-Sun; NO-BLUE-TINT for THIS season,

Just blond – and sleek (Let’s-take-a-peek!) So-straight! Don’t-ask-the-reason!

For angels walk – so-upright – so-their-heads-are-close[r]-to”God,”

Who peers from Heaven licentiously drooling-o’er-her-bod!

SO, WITH COLOR! POSTURE! STRIDE-OF-STEP! our-heroine-in-forms,

All the townsfolk in this berg, “She-need-not-wear-plat-forms,”

To tower over everyone; her aura’s 10 feet high,

And, as she passes, passersby – THEY-OB-VIOUS-LY-SIGH!

They say: “Oh, my! (pause) Now, WHAT’S-THAT which-ventures in-These-Parts?”

“‘Tis only me!” she-says-with glee; “A Deva of The Arts!”

fin <3

  • – “STRING CHEESE!” a poetic supplement.

String cheese tears slow-ly firm and-taunt – – – Pushed into your mouth, which is

where I want – – – To go! and-hide slightly! behind-your-lips! – – – If that ain’t

possible (pause) What about your hips? – – – Undu-lating rhyth-m-i-c[al]ly (pause) as

you walk, – – – Titillating! [You-know-it] my ready-and-willing (pause) “stalk,”


perspiring – in its package, despite – a lilting summer-breeze! fin <3