“THE DEMON HAUNT!” a poem, in the series: “Sally & Friends!” April 8, 2019 (M) ~ MYSTIC POET ๐Ÿ’ฅ

“THE DEMON HAUNT!” a poem, in the series: “Sally & Friends!” April 8, 2019 (M)
SALLY makes The World – to sparkle! Then-it-all-turns-“black!!”

Sally likes white (with cotton garb)! Antiseptic she’ll NEVER LACK!

“Oh, my, my – THE GERMS! The Germs; they must NEVER spread;
Please, please be cautious!” These are things she’s said;
“We want The World NICE AND CLEAN!
No dust here! Let’s primp and preen!
And cut and sew! or-copy-and-paste!”
Sally’s-efficient, but-has NO HASTE,
Until her ways of woe – do snap,
And she must rest, before-coming-back,
To heal – and make your life so fine!
And “waste away!” DON’T look inside,
Of-Sally!-where-demons like-to-hide!*

fin <3

* – as they do in all of us, of course! ๐Ÿ™‚ -Oo-yeah!

P. S.: For those concerned about possibly getting a stroke or heart attack (especially if you are “overweight,” whatever that means) be sure to get LOTS of exercise, ALONG WITH your cholesterol and other meditation, to keep yourself “fully protected,” kinda! [The exercise might help your body deal with the medications you are taking!!!]

For HIV PRE-protection, be sure to use once daily oral PrEP! It MUST be good, based on wonderful advertisements, showing REALLY HEALTHY, vibrant people (celebrities and dance instructors) smiling about the fact that they are taking it to – REALLY, absolutely, almost insure they will not get HIV!

“I mean, if The Mystic Poet does X, Y & Z, shouldn’t everyone? Especially if it has side effects, costs money that you don’t really have (because you are spending it all on cell phones, computer devices, and Internet plans) and requires that, in order to continue doing ‘it,’, you have to get tested for something (HIV, thyroid malfunction, ‘excessive sweating,” or stupidity) at least once every 3 months!” The Mystic Poet.

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