The Cave Whisperer ~

“THE CAVE OF WHISPERERS!” a poem taken from an ancient text, discovered deep in The Heart of The Chisos Mountains, Big Bend National Park, West Texas!* Monday: June 17, 2019

“I’m going to “The-Cave-of-Whisperers,” its walls [are] tall and smooth;

Its hooded ornament becomes! It’s got me in the groove!**

Its fleshly drawbridge yearns welcoming me home!

Voices, old-and-mysterious – recite-eth many-a-poem!

Of love and bliss and war and peace;

I feel your piece! It gives me eas[c]e,

And pure excitement! What a trip!

This cave of yours CAN-be a-“PIT,

OF TORTUROUS-LONGING” for those-u-unprepared!

For those not comfy-with-The-Unknown, well, they-can-be downright scared,

But I approach your cave of dreams with anxious, steady tread,

And I am filled with so much love, it cancels out all dread!

I’m drooling with excitement! I touch the thick, wet walls,

And smell the sweet ambrosia; the voices ever call:

“It’s YOU we’ve always waited for; come hither and come yon [yawn]!”

The cave doth yawn with yearning; I smell surrounding “lawn,”

Which grows so much and must be trimmed, to-allow for easy entrance,

For those enticed to come here, with love, they’re in-a trance!

I love The Cave of Whisperers so much I bought the place,

So I can be here all the time – and always so embrace!

It is OB*** scene, but worth the cost,

For-your-cave I’ll-suffer any loss,

And luxuriate in the magic here;

Your cave’s wide open – and sheds a tear!

My head is hard, but slow and easy

“COME!” says CAVE; “I want-[ya]-t’-tease-me!”

Youth!-Search-for-The-Cave, if you will,

But it’s-secluded – and warm and still!

Maybe best – to listen-for-The-Voices,

And follow them-here for-the choicest choices!

fin <3

  • – just kidding!

** – or “mood!”

*** – could refer OBsidian, a hard, dark, glass-like volcanic rock which can form caves!

Me too 👫👫