Bonsai 🍃 🍃 Tree ~

This Bonsai tree survived the bombing of Hiroshima.
The Japanese White Pine which was potted in 1625 (396 years ago) belonged to the Masaru Yamaki family, that lived within two miles of where, 76 years ago, the bomb was dropped. The bonsai was in the care of this family for six generations.
Masaru Yamaki donated the many centuries-old White Pine bonsai tree to be part of a 53 bonsai, gifted by Japan to the United States for its bicentennial celebration in 1976
It was a gift of friendship, and connection – the connection of two different cultures, and also it’s a symbol of the amicable relationship that emerged between the countries in the years following World War ll.

Bonsai trees can be developed from trees collected in the wild or e cases from seeds.
Sometimes, as in the case of Yamaki Pine, multiple trees are grafted together to enhance the appearance of the tree.
Because they are continuously growing, bonsai trees require daily attention.
Curator Sustic says: ” It is not a type of tree, because anything with a woody trunk can be bonsai. Rather, it’s an art form and for the bonsai master, it’s a lifestyle “
Today, the White pine stands only a few feet tall with a thick trunk and stubby green and yellowed needles in National Arboretum in Washington DC.

By Peace Truth

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