The American Dream ~

“THIS IS IT!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Novacaine! No Pain?” Tuesday: July 16, 2019

We-made-it! I’m ec-static! “DOM-ESTIC TRAN-QUIL-ITY!?”
Just what our Founding Fathers dreamed of: PEACE! for-you-&-me!

An Early Retire-ment Plan! (pause) “with-splen-did bene-fits!”
Baseball-games-all-week-long, with-lots-&-lots-o’-hits!

A car for everyone! A cell phone too!
Air-conditioned-super-markets! Summer-“plays!” Ya-hoo!

A bar to suit your tastes – and karaoke during the week;
We’ve made it! It’s Nirvana! We-have-nothing-more-to-seek!

With any luck, this-year – Trump’ll-be voted-out,
And-a-good-guy-like-Bernie-Sanders-or-Beto will-quell-all-the-pout!

We’re promised The World, with church on Sunday;

Dinner-out or-some “fast food!” as-we’re-cruisin’ in the Hundai!

The American dream! I just wanna scream!
I’m so-very HAPPY! Our-town’s-got-“The-Winning-Team!”

There’s a good woman next to me – and-a chicken in the pot!
Plus! Pot’s-now-legal in-several-states, or! modern-medicine-for-what[eve’]-ya-got!

It’s just what Jesus promised: “The Golden Age is here!”
Come-on, y’all – to-The-Coffee-Shop-o’-Dreams, and we’ll all shed a tear,

For All who think we-haven’t really MADE THE GRADE;
Let’s-pray, so everyone knows: HEAVEN-ON-EARTH WE’VE MADE!

fin <3

Pizza pie for dinner! Chocolate Ice Cream for dessert!
Open wide! Don’t worry! This will barely hurt!

Black-out 🆘

By ace101

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