“TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS.” a poem October 12, 2019 (Saturday)

“TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS.” a poem October 12, 2019 (Saturday)

When I was BackInTheArmy, I “roomed” withAnIRISH MAN;

We’d often have us “friendly fights,” outTheDoor, intoTheHall we’d spin,

A scrapin’ and a punching, yet he was a big ‘n’ burly;

And I, myself, was tough and lean, my hair was kinda curly,

And, backThen, we liked our woman, we loved them “WENCHy” gals,

And weLoved “rockNroll,” oh, yeah; Bachman/TurnerWereOur pals.

I remember ONE FINE WEEKEND, I WAS “OUT THERE,” walkin’,

On “The Area”atWestPoint, for doin’ too much talkin’;

DEMERITS they had “mounted up,” so in the sun I marched,

NextToTheHudsonRiver; itWasHUMID and I was “parched.”

So, Pat, m’ chum, he op’ed his window, our window in The Dorm,

And BLASTED B. T. O. out THERE, which wasn’t near no norm.*

(He THOUGHT that he could DO IT, andGetAwayWithItBecause,

Our room was on the 4thFloorIthink.) YEAH, and ItWasAllTheBUZZ:

“Some dern PlebeWasBlastin’Music toHisBud Marchin’DownBelow.”

But THEY FOUND PAT O’REILLY, and I bet youAll might know,


So I couldn’t blast no “tunes” to him, no rhythmic, marching song.

Well, YEARS DID PASS and he became aGENERAL, and, as for me,

I left “The Point” for “The Bar,” orRatherThe ju di c’ary,

And Pat is now doing counseling at The Council of The AtlanticS,

And we both have not changed too much; we’re both up to our antics.

I write this poem to Pat r ick perhaps to let him know,

I am SO SORRYfor beatin’HimUp inTheWestPointHall, HO, HO,

And TO THANK HIM KINDLY for the music, which he sent to me,

WhileImarchedTheArea AllAlone, “Takin’CareO’Business withO’ Rei lly.

fin ♥

• – If you brought high quality stereo equipment to West Point, even in the first year, it WAS permissible to have the stereo in your room, IF you did not play it too loud AND KEPT IT DUSTED . . . really well! 🙂 – OF COURSE, if the “Upper Classmen” wanted to come in and use it to play their favorite tunes, THEY HAD PRIORITY, so to speak!! Patrick J. O’Reilly (Lt. General, retired), then a miserable “Plebe,” did NOT have access to his stereo equipment FOR SOME TIME after this incident!!