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SWEDEN: Woman Guilty of War Crimes for NOT Preventing Son Becoming Child Soldier

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#AceDailyNews Court Report: A Swedish court has found a Swedish woman guilty of war crimes for failing to prevent her 12-year-old son from becoming a child soldier in #Syria, where he was killed in the civil war.

Lina Ishaq, 49, who denied the charges, was sentenced to six years in prison, the Stockholm district court said in a statement on Friday.

Ishaq, a Swede who returned from Syria in 2020, was convicted of “grave violation of international law and grave war crime,” the court said.

“She, in her capacity as protection guarantor, omitted to prevent her son Joan, 12-15 years, from being recruited by unknown accomplices and used as child soldier on behalf of IS in the armed conflict in Syria,” it said, referring to the ISIL (ISIS) armed group.

The boy, born in 2001, died in 2017, the Swedish prosecution authority said, without providing the cause of death.

‘Cult-like’ environment

The woman and her husband had been part of a “cult-like” environment and in April 2013 she brought her son to join his father and an older son in Syria.

The court found that she must have understood that her son was used as a child soldier.

“She has not taken adequate steps to stop this, neither has she wanted to stop it, but his role as a child soldier had been in accordance with her convictions,” the court said.

When she was charged in January, the prosecution authority said it was “the first time charges are being brought in Sweden for the war crime of using a child soldier”.

It also said that from August 2013 and to May of 2016 the boy allegedly took part “in hostilities performed by armed groups, including the terrorist organisation IS”.

About 300 Swedes or Swedish residents, a quarter of whom are women, joined ISIL in Syria and Iraq, mostly in 2013 and 2014, according to the Sapo intelligence service.

Charging returnees

Sweden did not have existing legislation at the time to prosecute people for membership in an armed organisation, so prosecutors instead sought other crimes with which to charge returnees.

Under Swedish law, courts can try people for crimes against international law committed abroad.

According to the United Nations, recruiting and using children under the age of 15 as soldiers is banned under international humanitarian law and recognised as a war crime by the International Criminal Court.

Al Jazeera

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(SWEDEN) Lund University Report: The Atmosphere of This Extreme Exoplanet Has an Intriguing Similarity to Earth #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Feb.03: Astronomers have just peered into the atmosphere of one of the most extreme exoplanets ever discovered.

#AceNewsDesk says in the past, astronomers often assumed that the atmospheres of exoplanets exist as a uniform layer and try to understand it as such,” says astronomer Jens Hoeijmakers of Lund University in Sweden: The research has been published in Nature Astronomy.

Although it’s absolutely not habitable (at least as we understand it), the exoplanet WASP-189b is the first in which scientists have been able to probe distinct atmospheric layers, each with their own chemical compositions and characteristics.

“But our results demonstrate that even the atmospheres of intensely irradiated giant gas planets have complex three-dimensional structures.”

WASP-189b is a member of one of the most intriguing subsets of exoplanets: hot Jupiters. These extreme worlds are gas giants – like Jupiter – but on insanely close orbits with their host stars, whizzing around in less than 10 days. Naturally, their temperatures are therefore scorching.

In addition, we don’t know why they are like that. According to our current models of planetary formation, a gas giant can’t form that close to its star, because the gravity, radiation, and intense stellar winds ought to keep the gas from clumping together; yet, of the nearly 5,000 exoplanets confirmed to date, over 300 could be hot Jupiters. Learning more about these hell-worlds should thus reveal more about the dynamics of planetary systems.

WASP-189b, about 322 light-years away, is among the most extreme (although it’s not quite the most). It’s about 1.6 times the size of Jupiter, and orbits its star on a breakneck 2.7-day period. That star is young and hot, which means surface temperatures of WASP-189b reach up to 3,200 degrees Celsius (5,792 degrees Fahrenheit) on its day side, making the planet hotter than some stars.

It’s also one of the brightest transiting exoplanets known; that is, it passes between us and its star. In turn, that makes it very attractive for atmospheric studies.

“We measured the light coming from the planet’s host star and passing through the planet’s atmosphere,” explains astronomer Bibiana Prinothof Lund University, who led the research.

“The gases in its atmosphere absorb some of the starlight, similar to ozone absorbing some of the sunlight in Earth’s atmosphere, and thereby leave their characteristic ‘fingerprint’. With the help of HARPS [High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher aboard ESO’s La Silla Observatory] we were able to identify the corresponding substances.”

As is often seen in hot Jupiters, those gases included vapors of heavy metals. WASP-189b’s atmosphere is drifting with clouds of gaseous iron, titanium, chromium, magnesium, vanadium and manganese.

Interestingly, the researchers also found traces of titanium oxide, which has never been conclusively detected in an exoplanetary atmosphere before, the researchers said. Titanium oxide is found rarely in nature on Earth, but on WASP-189b, its presence could be helping shape the atmosphere.

“Titanium oxide absorbs short-wave radiation, such as ultraviolet radiation,” says astrophysicist Kevin Heng of the University of Bern.

“Its detection could therefore indicate a layer in the atmosphere of WASP-189b that interacts with the stellar irradiation similarly to how the ozone layer does on Earth.”

There was another big clue that the team was observing layers in the exoplanet’s atmosphere, too. Elements in space are detected spectrally; that is, we split the light detected by our instruments into the full spectrum, and look for brighter or darker lines. These indicate that something is either amplifying or absorbing those wavelengths, what we call emission or absorption lines.

Absorption lines can then be traced to specific elements that we know absorb those wavelengths. But the absorption lines from WASP-189b were not quite where the researchers expected them to be.

“We believe that strong winds and other processes could generate these alterations,” Prinoth said.

“And because the fingerprints of different gases were altered in different ways, we think that this indicates that they exist in different layers – similarly to how the fingerprints of water vapor and ozone on Earth would appear differently altered from a distance, because they mostly occur in different atmospheric layers.”

Obviously we won’t be traveling to WASP-189b anytime soon. Even if we were, life as we know it would be mega-kaput before we even landed; however, the research still has relevance to the search for life. It represents a new milestone in probing exoplanetary atmospheres, which is where we are most likely to spot the signs of alien life.

“I am often asked if I think my research is relevant to the search for life elsewhere in the Universe. My answer is always yes. This type of study is a first step in this search,” Prinoth said.

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(SWEDEN) JUST IN: A man surveying a forest for his orienteering club in western Sweden stumbled on a trove of Bronze Age treasure reckoned to be some 2,500 years old #AceHistoryDesk report

#AceHistoryReport – May.01: Swedish archaeologists say it is very rare to find such a hoard in a forest: Ancient tribes usually left such offerings in rivers or wetlands: The hoard was on the forest floor, next to rocks:

SWEDEN: Bronze Age treasure found in Swedish forest by mapmaker: ‘It includes about 50 items, such as necklaces, bracelets and clothing pins the cartographer, Thomas Karlsson, said “I first thought it might be a lamp, but when I looked closer I saw that it was old jewellery”.

26 minutes ago

Bronze Age treasure from forest find, now in Gothenburg, 29 Apr 21
It is one of Sweden’s most spectacular Bronze Age finds

It is thought that one or more animals had disturbed the earth, leaving the many items semi-exposed. They have been dated to the period between 750 and 500BC.

EPAExperts say the jewellery was made for a woman, or women, of high status

Mr Karlsson said he had spotted the metallic glint while looking down at a map he was working on. At first he thought the ornaments were copies, as they were in such good condition. Then he emailed a local archaeologist while having a coffee in the forest, regional newspaper Goteborgs-Posten reported.

The forest is near the town of Alingsas, about 48km (30 miles) northeast of Gothenburg.

Archaeologists describe it as a “depot” find – that is, a hoard deliberately left as an offering to a god or gods, or to invest in life after death.

Johanna Lega/vgregionThe forest site where an orienteering enthusiast found bronze treasure

The jewellery “is extremely well preserved”, said Prof Johan Ling, lecturer in archaeology at Gothenburg University.

“Most of the items can be linked to a woman, or women, of high status,” he said, quoted by Goteborgs-Posten.

The treasure includes a type of rod used to spur on horses, previously found in neighbouring Denmark, but not in Sweden.

Mats Hellgren/vgregionThis is believed to be an ankle ring, similar to Celtic torcs

Mats Hellgren/vgregionA bronze pin for a cloak or robe

Swedish law requires anyone finding such antiquities to notify the police or local authority, as they are regarded as state property. The Swedish National Heritage Board then decides what reward, if any, the finder should receive.

Mr Karlsson said a reward “would be a nice bonus, but it’s not very important to me.

“It’s fun to be a part of exploring history. We know so little about that era, because there are no written sources.” 

In Scandinavia the Bronze Age ran from about 1700BC to 500BC, when it gave way to the Iron Age. The Iron Age continued until about AD800, when the Viking Age began. 

Johanna Lega/vgregionArchaeologist Mats Hellgren working at the site

Pernilla Morner, an antiquities expert for Vastra Gotaland region, said that “not since the bronze shields from Froslunda were excavated from a field in Skaraborg in the mid-1980s has such an exciting find from the Bronze Age been made in Sweden”.

VGRfokus, a news site for Vastra Gotaland, says a team of Gothenburg archaeologists is now investigating the site in detail.

Additional News:

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