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Grateful Day ~ Arrives ~ I Left Care To Care @storyteller

Its on this day so long ago l began following God l was in the care industry oh yes l had been learning about God for many years and had learned to read the bible of course 💥 but it was this day l left my job, income and resigned as l could do no more – or so l thought

I walked out of the door of the care home and down the road and did not know Why ? that’s right people l did not know Why ? God did as l was to find out many years later and l went home and sat on the sofa and waited in silence 💥

For the next two days l cleaned the flat l lived in scrubbing every single area of it until it was like a new pin – I mean cleanliness is next to Godliness and then l stopped and sat down and waited in silence 💥

Next day l went down the road walking and talking to God in me – oh not like a voice you recognise but silent inside and having stopped as it was a hot day sat on a wall – an elderly woman was tending her garden and struggling l said big garden takes a long time – oh yes she said not as young as l was either hard work – Why do you want to do it she asked – l will help if l can Ok she said l will get us both a cool drink 💥

For the next three days l did all of the back garden and mowed the front lawn and it looked wonderful and after finishing she said here and paid me some money – l tried to refuse but she said please take it make me feel better – so l did and went home 💥

You guessed it sat on the sofa in silence and then the next day started writing pages and pages of all the knowledge l had inside me and all that l did not know but must have learned it took two days and 800 – pages later stopped put into a folder and wrote ‘ Genesis ‘ on the cover and put it away 💥

It was on that day a council bill arrived and l opened it and then looked at the money l was paid for gardening and it was not enough so l sat in silence and waited and then went outside and met a woman tending her hanging baskets and we talked about her job as the person in charged and she was being let down by the maintenance people and l said can help and for the next two days l did the lawns and there were many and some work on painting and tidying and painted a fence and a number of other jobs said at the end – How much l did not know what to say – l waited a second in silence and said hows X amount she said no l will pay you Y we agreed 💥

I went home and sat on the sofa in silence and then next day went out into town and back now as a visitor and met some of the people l had cared for and just chatted and was given a meal – while there l went to the garage to find a wheelchair and saw some old computers and asked are they anyones and was told they were rubbish and would go in the skip when it arrived – l asked can l take one and took all that was needed including cables and keyboard and went home and sat on the sofa 💥

Next day l started learning to write now on a computer once l had learned how to make it work and set it up for the next 7 days l wrote and did some more jobs and more jobs in between then does anyone remember ‘ dial up ‘ l connected the computer to the internet and began surfing the web – strange l thought it was like having a ‘ surf board ‘ but LOL 😂 it was much much more and l was gaining more knowledge 💥

The moral of this story is first it happened to me and by the end of that month l had sufficient to pay the Council’s bill and also l had began to learn more knowledge and follow God not my own self and as days progressed l would learn more and more and will write soon

AMEN 💥 @storyteller

Story Teller

Better Days Are Ahead

Yesterday I met an elderly person in my society. People call him Sanju Kaka. A few days back he was celebrating his 79th birthday by distributing chocolates. He is a jolly person and always seen sitting outside either alone or gossiping with any sundry person. When asked, he explained, “My wife is no more, and […]

Better Days Are Ahead
Story Teller

The Present 💥

In a hurry, the package, clear instructions, it has to be given to someone, no one else, he listens to the instructions again, finally he says okay, off. Only a gift, why the hassle he thinks, i will leave it there, they will give it to him, his thoughts a flurry of snowballs, people pass […]

The Present
Story Teller

Johnny Cash 🌟

After his first marriage fell apart in the 1960s, the songwriter Johnny Cash moved from Southern California to Tennessee. On the first night in his new home, lonely and depressed, he began to pace the length of the ground floor. It was an enormous house, all but empty of furniture, wedged between a steep hill on one side and Old Hickory Lake on the other.

As he walked from one end of the floor to the other, from the hill to the lake, he began to feel, almost frantically, that something was absent. What’s missing? he thought. Where is it? he repeated, over and over again. Had he forgotten to pack something? Was there something he needed to do? What wasn’t right? Suddenly, it came to him. It wasn’t something, it was someone.

His young daughter, Rosanne. She wasn’t there. She was in California with her mother. A house without a family is no home. Johnny Cash stopped, began to shout her name as loud as he could, and fell to the ground and wept. In some sense, it might seem like that is exactly the kind of anguish that philosophy helps us avoid through the cultivation of detachment and indifference to other people. If you don’t make yourself dependent on anyone, if you don’t make yourself vulnerable, you can never lose them and you’ll never be hurt. Some people try this way. They take vows of chastity or solitude, or, conversely, try to reduce relationships to their most transactional or minimal form.

Or because they have been hurt before, they put up walls. Or because they are so talented, they dedicate themselves exclusively to their work. It is necessary, they say, for they have a higher calling.

The Buddha, for instance, walked out on his wife and young son without even saying goodbye, because enlightenment was more important.

Yes, every individual should make the life choices that are right for them. Still, there is something deeply misguided—and sad—about a solitary existence.

Story Teller


I want you to listen up and take a moment to absorb this because I have a very important message for you today.

You MUST create space

In the physical
In the mental
In the emotional
In the spiritual

Creating space, creates room to expand

Room for newness to be welcomed in.

Room for new experiences to unfold.

Room for you to pause and check in.

Room for life to unfold without the need for you to control and trust to build.

Take a pause and watch the sky.

Clear out your cupboards.

Let go of people that no longer align with you.

Leave space for someone to speak.

…all ways of creating space.

Most struggle to hold the space once it’s created, filling it up immediately with other distractions and things they don’t truly want.

Wildly rush day to day from one thing to another craving space but never creating it.

They forget they are a creator.

They forget the power that lies within them.

Are you struggling with clutter and overwhelm?

Challenged with knowing what’s left from right?

Sound like you?

Look at what you’re holding on tightly to!

Look at where you’re craving space but not creating it!

Take a moment and allow yourself to create a space for your awareness to grow.

Hold that space and watch change start to unfold.

It might feel uncomfortable but I know you got this!