Silence is the sublime refuge of your divine. Silence exposes the highest potential for clarity. In silence there is a perfection which any toil injures. Silence is more than observation; it informs from non-observation. Only in stillness does the imperceivable become discernible. You will only find the profoundly inexpressible in profound silence.

When we keep our silence we gather our power; when we speak we let loose the concentration of quiet reverie. Words are the fallen ruins of silent majesty. Beyond the words and ideas, there is a perfect space of total completeness called silence. Silence is another language beneath words. The language of nature is silence. Silence is so profound that it is like another dimension into which one can travel.

There is a simple path to follow that appears only when you calm your mind. On the still calm waters of surrender, the reflections of clarity appear. Inner-calm will lead you on a beautiful adventure (but not journey) back to your original self; the perfect, beautiful you! Share this with someone you love and be blessed!

When you cannot cultivate the meditative space of your own silence, your existence is tormented by endless interruption and distraction. Silence is the true center of your strongest self. Connection with yourself only comes in moments of silence. Peace is the friend we find in silence.


Reality ~

While many people are starting to realize and accept that we are beings of energy and that we are the creator of our reality, based on our active dominant energy vibration (to be done and have what we want), most people do not yet understand why and how exactly we are the creators of our reality from an energy perspective and attempt such things as setting intentions, chanting affirmations, doing meditation, writing gratitude lists, having visualizations and generally trying to pump themselves up with happy-sounding words to change their life and attract all those things they want. Many people are beginning to realize that such things don’t change anything, and in fact, they tend to add more resistance to one vibration because of the lack of understanding of how this all works, it simply produces low vibes like doubt, uncertainty, and as things don’t change, a feeling of powerless, what am I doing wrong, why is this not working for me, feeling lack and things just stay the same.

We are of course beings of energy and we did come as the creators of our reality, perpetually joyous life of abundance of everything, easily and effortlessly, but like anything, if you don’t understand it, it just does not go well. This is not only true of us knowing how to guide our energy, it’s the same thing if you want to drive a car, build a bridge, ballroom dance, cook food, if you don’t understand how it works, you are going to spin your wheels and not be satisfied with how it works out.

For any of us to return to our natural high vibration state, being the effective and intentional creator of our reality, having all that we want, we have to restore our natural high vibration thinking, and to do that, every day, you must get up, connect with the truth of who you are and the truth of how life is set up to work for our success such that you begin to know it, feel it, understand it so much that you begin to apply it to everything in your day and therefore you know how to feel good (high vibe) at all times and in all situations. That means you begin to think from a high vibration perspective in all parts of your day, with no resistance, no sustained negative energy. Day by day as you start your day in this way and process your life matters in this way, you displace faulty and limiting beliefs, such as lack, unworthiness, not good enough, etc. and activate your natural beliefs. As your energy starts to be clear of the low vibration faulty beliefs, you naturally see the things you won’t start showing up, it’s natural and automatic.

So many people think they have to do particular things to manifest and attract, but again this is a misunderstanding, we simply have to get the negative energy out of our vibration (from the faulty beliefs) and then everything we want flows naturally and automatically.

Are you doing the daily restoration or are you just trying to manifest this and that? For the things you want to manifest, you got to return to that vibrational place of positive expectation, absolute knowing, for sure, guaranteed that what you want is on the way, and be at ease and excited for the path that is set up for you to receive what you want. When you have that kind of conviction, you will see just how easy it is to have what you want, continuously. You will see the wonderful life you came for.

Perhaps a quick metaphor will help with this understanding. Let’s talk for a moment in terms of the biological world, how we were led to believe life works. Let’s say you want to buy a car, and you know how much money you have to have, so you start to save money and you know as you save X amount of money each week, in X number of weeks you can buy a car, that you feel certain of. You also know that if you don’t save the weekly amount it is going to take you longer to get the money to purchase the car. Now let’s translate this to energy. When you want something, anything, it is a NOW vibrational reality ready for you to receive (nothing to get, just receive). The way you receive it is by offering a high vibration dominantly, every day. As you do you are receiving the path. If you stop offering a high vibe and instead offer a low vibe, as limiting beliefs tend to have us do, then you delay the receiving of the desire. It’s like if you stop saving money, it takes you longer to purchase the car. So you can see that to return as the intentional creator of your reality, receiving all you want in really satisfying ways, you have to learn how to think high vibration dominantly all day, every day, that is your currency, you could say your purchasing power, and this is the restoration process I am talking about in this post. Our traditional life teachings do not teach us how to think high vibration much of it teaches us to think low vibration, and so if you want your high vibe back, which is your power to have the life you want, you must take the time to learn high vibration thinking and it is a daily process until it is learned and then it will be natural.

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Silence ~

The way to begin to truly see beauty in yourself is to begin to see beauty in all of life, and to understand you are connected to life, and that you are a part of life’s great beauty.

Believing in your inner beauty as an extraordinary and unique entity will begin to shift your perspectives about the world from cynicism, to reverence.

If you cannot immediately change your external circumstances, start with your words.

We are all constructed out of our self-dialogue.

Start with your inner voice. Your inner dialogue has a profound impact on your life.

Make sure your ritual is not a daily prayer for failure through negative self-talk, ruminations, and gossip.

Comprehend and challenge your narrative.

Portrayals become choices and actions — which become your life.

Choose thoughts that give you the sentiments of feeling alive and excited about life.

Make a peace with your inner voice and speak ever so kindly and respectfully of yourself.

What you talk about you anchor yourself to, so if you want to change your life — change your dialogue.

Making peace with your pessimistic inner voice is like making peace with a great enemy.

Your inner voice can become a protector and champion of your life.

You give life to your problems with your statements.

If you want to change, then begin to use your words to give life to antidotes.

Your battle is your strength.

If you can resist becoming adverse, bitter or hopeless, in time, your struggle will give you everything. Shalom 💥💫

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(AUSTRALIA) Indigenous & Deaf Report: Being deaf does not stop Kuku-Thaypan Yalanji woman Patty Morris Banjo from feeling the music in the silence #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – July.29: Ms Banjo originally learnt to dance jazz and ballet and took to the stage for the first time at 10 years of age, and now she has danced for her culture at one of the nation’s biggest events.

#AceDailyNews says ‘Deaf Indigenous Dance Group’ sees music, feels rhythm, dances in silence and they were all hearing people, there were only two of us deaf girls, but we danced perfectly and to the beat,” Ms Banjo said…..

Woman dressed in bright colours, cultural body paint and headress.
Patty Morris Banjo is a Stolen Generations survivor who now has her own business and leads the Deaf Indigenous Dance Group.(ABC Far North: Carli Willis)

Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that the following content contains the names of people who have died….

“I couldn’t see the audience and I couldn’t hear the clapping at that time and it was very dark in the auditorium and we weren’t sure what was happening.”

“Our teacher came, our ballet teacher, and she said please give a round of applause for the two deaf girls in the dance group.”

She remembers the crowd “lost it” and at that moment looking out at the crowd she saw her foster mum passionately clapping. 

“I started ballet at a young age and my foster mother put me into ballet classes,” Ms Banjo said.

“I realised that I was the only black girl in a white class, and that was funny.”

Ms Banjo is a Stolen Generations survivor and says at two years of age she was taken away from her parents.

“My mother is full Aboriginal and she wasn’t allowed to be with a white European at the time, that was the law,” she said.

“I was a bit sick at the time, perhaps with the mumps, but they weren’t sure what it was.”

Living in the remote rural town of Laura, Ms Banjo attended the Laura Quinkan Dance Festival from a young age.

“My aunty, whose surname is Banjo, I would come with her and I wouldn’t see so many family members for such a long time and we would all meet up here,” Ms Banjo said.

“It was a meeting place for us.”

In 1998, she established the Deaf Indigenous Dance Group (DIDG) with Priscilla Seden, who has since died but to whom Ms Banjo attributes the success of the group.

Usually, the group practises on a wooden stage so that they can feel the drums and the tapping of the sticks.

“We respond to vibrations, and we respond to the ground, and we can link to the music through our eyes,” Ms Banjo said.

“Some of us have some residual hearing so we can follow the clap sticks.”

“But others just feel it, it’s just a rhythm.”

AN Aboriginal man moves his hands like a crocodile in a dance performance, locking his gaze on another dancer.
Nathaniel Murray-Fourmile and Paul Coleman-Norman perform at Laura Quinkan Dance Festival.(ABC Far North: Carli Willis)

Advocate for Indigenous deaf people and the president of the Deaf Indigenous Dance Group, Wagadagam and Badulgal woman Sue Frank said she held events to fundraise to be able to take the group to Laura Quinkan Dance Festival.

“It doesn’t really matter which tribe we come from, we all share and we all dance together as one mob,” Ms Frank said.

“We’re individual deaf people, Indigenous deaf people, and we share the same language, being our sign language.

“We wanna share our culture and our dance and be connected in that way … to feel that were one big family and not to feel alone.”

Ms Frank said it was important for them to be connected to the community and that isolation could negatively impact mental health.

“It’s very exciting and it’s a real eye-opener for everybody else here to think about deaf Indigenous children and their upcoming as well,” Ms Frank said.

Close up portrait of a man who has a white feather and white face paint, and a woman wearing a black shirt.
Nathaniel Murray-Fourmile and Sue Frank have known each other for years and now they are leading a Deaf Indigenous Dance Group.(ABC Far North: Carli Willis)

Yidinji man Nathaniel Murray-Fourmile was not born deaf but as he began to lose his hearing he began to feel sad and isolated, as most do who experience hearing loss.

“I’m getting a lot of teachings from some of the older people within the dance group and I’ve learnt a lot from them … getting a lot from Cliff who is an older Indigenous man who is deaf also,” Mr Murray-Fourmile said.

“Seeing that — wow — there’s a deaf, Indigenous man who’s dancing and having involvement, I can do that as well.”

Mr Murray-Fourmile, who has been dancing with his family and in public since he was seven years old, takes a lead in the group, giving mentoring and visual cues to members.

Group of Indigenous dancer wearing white and black paint and feather headress take a photo.
Deaf Indigenous Dance Group (clockwise from left): Patricia Morris, Paul Coleman-Norman, Amelia Patterson-Credic (centre), Joanne Samuel, Nathaniel Murray-Fourmile, Clifford Johnson (with spear) and Aviu Ware.(ABC Far North: Carli Willis)

“Sometimes it’s very difficult for a deaf person when they’re dancing because we can’t hear the music,” Mr Murray-Fourmile said.

“So we’re really having to use the visuals and watch each other as prompts because we’re actually going through the dance in silence, so to speak.”

Mr Murray-Fourmile said it gave him pride when the dance finishes, and the group finishes on the same beat together and put their spear into the ground.

“That way we all feel connected,” he said.

“I really love that, I love that connection, my heart is really there with Aboriginal people, and with deaf Indigenous people.”

These interviews were translated by Suzannah Jackson and Gary Moran who have been involved in the Deaf Indigenous Dance Group for some years.

Nathaniel Dancing
Yidinji man Nathaniel Murray-Fourmile has danced since he was seven.(ABC Far North: Carli Willis)

#AceNewsDesk report ……Published: July.29: 2021:

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