Self Respect 💥

Realizing your self-worth has nothing to do with checking your bank balance, it is about you, the person you are in life. We give others respect, love and consideration but how often do we give ourselves what is due? How you value yourself is based on the self-esteem you have, your self-esteem shows you how much you truly value yourself. Healthy self-esteem leads to independence, happiness, flexibility, the ability to adapt easily to change, cooperation and a positive outlook on any situation. Unhealthy or low self- esteem on the other hand leads only to irrational thoughts, unhappiness, fear of the new, rigidity, defensiveness and a negative outlook on life in general.

How we see ourselves has a lot to do with how others see us, if we are happy, smiling and full of confidence then others see us as someone they want to be around, if we respect ourselves and portray this then others will respect you too, after all how can you ask for respect from others if you don’t even respect yourself? So finding and developing your self-worth is all about developing your self-esteem, so let’s take a look at esteem

High self-esteem
If you have a high self-esteem you will see certain traits in yourself and how you see yourself, traits linked with a high self-esteem or self-worth are

You are secure about who you are and have confidence in your abilities 

You allow yourself to show your true feelings to others 

You don’t have intimacy problems in relationships 

You are able to recognize and take pride in yourself for your achievements in life 

You are easily able to forgive yourself for mistakes and also forgive others

Low self-esteem
Similarly, if you have problems with self-worth or low self-esteem then you will follow a certain pattern in your thoughts and ways, if you have problems with low self-esteem then you will see the following points in yourself

You lack belief in yourself and are very insecure 

You have problems showing and accepting intimacy in relationships 

You never let your true feelings show 

You never recognize and give yourself credit for your accomplishments 

You have the inability to forgive yourself or others 

You resist change at every opportunity

Developing your self-worth
There are plenty of ways in which you can boost your self-esteem and change to a more positive and healthy outlook about yourself, here are some tips for developing and boosting your self-worth.

Don’t take other peoples criticism to heart, instead listen to what they are saying and learn from it. 

Take some time out for yourself everyday, meditate, look inside yourself and realize all your good points and imagine changing your bad ones into more positive. 

Celebrate and pride yourself on even the smallest achievements that you accomplish. 

Do something every day that you enjoy, such as taking a walk in the sunshine or soaking in a bubble bath. 

Never deprive yourself of something you enjoy, if you know you shouldn’t be doing it, then do it anyway and stop chastising yourself about it. 

Talk positively to yourself, repeat affirmations to chase away all of the negative thoughts and feelings.


Healthcare ~

I found out that simply by getting out of my own body’s way, and letting it do its job, and cooperating with my body, it would heal itself from the dreadfully debilitating sickness of obesity.

To lose weight I did very little outside of gentle and peaceful cooperation with the inherent wisdom and intelligence of my own body.

Through meditation and gentle cooperation, the body will heal itself with little or no effort. When we are at peace with ourselves the total expression of that true peace includes our outer being; our body.

Losing weight and being healthy can be so simple and easy. Your goal should never be weight-loss, but rather to have true health and respect for the gift of life!


Respect 💥

One of the best ways to show our caring is to allow everyone and everything to simply be – through respect.

Respect is the universal currency that is accepted everywhere and by everyone. The answer to so many of our problems is greater understanding and compassion.

The power of “getting to know one another” is so immense, eclipsed only by first getting to know ourselves. Carefully question the sources of your deepest animosity toward your perceived enemies, they may not be enemies at all.

Many of our conflicts are cultivated between us by manipulation to misdirect our attention and to control us. We are all being played against one-another, and our hate is produced. Our inner-most truth is love.

Anyone can be kind to someone they like, but the real test is can you be kind to people you don’t like? When we become acquainted with any person on a human level, even a great enemy, we begin to see that no person is really so different from ourselves.

We are all frail-embodied creatures, who at times suffer through injustice, abuse, illness, pain and misfortune. We are all imperfect and make mistakes.

We all struggle. We all feel pain. We all have wishes and hopes. Hate offers the world no hope – only God’s unconditional love can do that. Wish for the happiness of your enemies, for if they are happy, they are your enemy no more!


Miracles ~

Within each person is the miracle of a unique consciousness unlike any other in the universe.

Within you, you will find everything you need to be complete. Within you is the power of unlimited creation.

Within each of us is the enormous creator potential. We must seek together to address the good aspirations of people everywhere, for we are bound together through great commonality.

There is a deep interconnectedness of all life on Earth, from the tiniest organisms to the largest ecosystems, and absolutely between each person, no matter their cultures or traditions.

We have a tremendous opportunity as individuals to be kind, loving and considerate to others. We possess the choice of turning away from the lower self and reaching for the higher mind.

We possess a clarifying and self-defining moment of chance to give others the greatest comfort they can have during their journey.

The beginning of all hope starts with respect!


Respectful ~

There is no nobility in poverty; that is to say, there are beautiful people who are poor, but being poor does not necessarily make you beautiful.

There is no sense in relishing poverty.

We serve no purpose by being small, and we can best help others from a position of strength; not weakness.

Take a vow of total abundance.

Declare that you believe in balance, and therefore, full spectrum inner and outer (spiritual and worldly) wealth and empowerment, also known as freedom.

The lie that you can’t make money doing what you love is just a projection of your self-accepted unworthiness. We are all worthy of abundance.

The great Earth is abundant, and we are its stewards; endless wealth is ours.

We have the wealth of the universe; it’s all accessible, but you have to claim the abundance.

You don’t have to be poor to be deeply spiritual, and in fact, spirituality can bring every type of wealth there is to be had.

What the world needs more than anything are more spiritual millionaires and spiritual billionaires; the world needs conscious leadership! Maybe that leader is you.

Money is not a problem in the world; hard hearts are the real problem – the hard hearts of both the rich and the poor.

Unkind and selfish people, whether they be rich or poor, live in abject poverty.

Yes, you have permission to make money – lots of it.

Let your wealth aid in funding your passions, visions and hopes for others.

And like all energy, such as time, effort, money and thought – spend it compassionately, purposefully and in service of others.

For those who say money is evil or that it hardens your heart; speak for yourself – that’s only your relationship with money.

Money only magnifies and extends who you already are.

Negative people who criticize and judge others just because they have money, spend their scant resources of time and effort foolishly and with a mean spirit.

I became rich because I have a rich heart.

I became wealthy because I spent my poverty well and kindly. Open yourself to the possibility of your total empowerment! Contrary to what you may think, real leadership is not about superiors and their followers.

Leadership is not about the senseless accumulation of wealth and power.

Proper leadership concerns itself with what it does with its power to serves others. The endgame of leadership is fostering dignity in the lives of others.

Real leaders want to create and empower other leaders; only the phonies hog it all for themselves.

Real leaders spend more of their energy helping others than helping themselves.

Real leadership is less about leading and more about service.

Real leadership is about giving and carrying the dreams and hopes of others in your heart every step of the way. The distinguishing characteristic of a true leader is pure elation in seeing others prosper.

It is time that spiritual people open themselves to total abundance without shame or guilt. The world needs more conscious and caring leaders who are empowered, not only with integrity and big hearts but with cold hard cash!

Embrace the resources that can help bring more positivity, compassion, understanding, and change into the world!

Beautiful ~ Kindness