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To The Australian Prime Minister. 🙆‍♀️🤦‍♀️🙆‍♀️

Well folks here we are just 2 days into 2022 and because of misguided directions and guidelines set by the Federal Government and State Premiers including the Qld Premier with the exception of the WA Premier in my opinion the only Premier with any backbone and guts by telling the Federal Government to butt out on the opening up of borders and allowing Covid to run rampant all of a sudden at least one state NSW is in danger of their health system collapsing with the sheer numbers of hospital admissions 900 at present and spiralling out of control and it appears to be just the start of what’s in store for this country ,One only has to look at the rest of the world to realize the magnitude of the situation with this virus and my question to these people making these decisions we were told that this new strain would only have very mild effect on people’s health if this is the case why are there so many being admitted to hospital and many in ICU ,there can only be one answer pressure from business leaders and Morrison looking after the economy ,The other point i raise is why are people still allowed to come into this country from Countries riddled with this virus so when are we as a nation going say enough ,Is there any one in politics capable of leading this nation like another Menzies or Hawk because it is quite obvious that its not this current Prime Minister because this is a job that requires a leader not a novice hack opinion only ..


State governments have no right to interfere, dictate or mandate anything. Useless PM and deputy (aka member for New England, need to step up and do their jobs or else get out and be charged for treason, totally unconstitutional.

I feel sad 😔 that folk are so panicked. The angst in the general public is very confused. Politicians should not be employed to advise the public concerning medical or scientific research. This is not their role Legally. Hence the comments above. Some are quoting from sources, not actual figures. False data leads to panic. Sensibility is always to have your family vaccinated each year for safety. Washing hands is also important. If you are blessed to have a roof over your head encourage your family to stay at home. Keith thank you for constantly sharing messages of common sense as you do. Readers take time to read Keiths Posts. Shalom my friend 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️