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You’re successful when you like who and what you are. Success includes achievement… while choosing and directing your own activities. It means enjoying intimate relationships and loving what you do in life. Produce for wealth creation and accumulation. Invest profits for wealth preservation and growth. Produce more than you consume and save a minimum of […]

Watch “How To Build An Affiliate Marketing Website in 2020 (Make Money Online)” on YouTube
Home Based Business

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Home Based Business

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Ultimate Guide To Signs That Your Desire Is Manifesting!:

You know what you want to manifest. You’ve gotten as clear as you can. All you have left to do is to receive what you want. But it can seem like you’re waiting forever unless you know the signs that your desire is manifesting with the Law of Attraction.

This guide to signs that your desire is manifesting was created to take the guess work out of the Law of Attraction for you. Now you can tell if the Law of Attraction is working. Eliminate all stress and worry as you learn to read the signs of manifesting from the Universe.

When you’re first learning the signs that your desire is manifesting, the messages can seem subtle. But with practice, you’ll be able to recognize them easily.

Sometimes you’ll just have a feeling that it’s working. You just know that it’s yours. For example, let’s say you wanted to manifest a new camera. You research exactly what kind of camera you would like. You go to a store where you can touch it, try it out, learn everything you can about it. You figure out all the details and give your order to the Universe. You just know without a doubt that you’re getting a new camera. You know it so deeply that it’s as if you already have it.

You start seeing cameras everywhere, especially the camera you want. People are taking photographs. There are camera ads in newspapers and magazines. TV shows have cameras.

You hear people talking about cameras. They’re having conversations about cameras at work, in restaurants, at school…the conversations just seem to pop up at random wherever you go.

Why do cameras seem to be following you around???

Because you’re receiving signs that your desire is manifesting!

Each time something happens, your job is to affirm your desire – “Yes, that’s what I want.” “Yes, that’s mine. It has my name on it.”

And if at any time you see or hear something that doesn’t quite match the camera you want, take it as a sign from the Universe asking you if you’re sure that’s what you want. Would something else be even better?

When that happens, you have two options.

Reaffirm what you want… “Oooh, that’s a nice blue camera, but I’m glad mine is black.”

Opt for the new choice… “Ooooh, that camera has an even better lens. I’m so glad I have that lens.”

I hope you were paying attention because we just covered 3 signs that your desire is manifesting – feeling, seeing and hearing.

Many people think that excitement is a sign that your desire is manifesting. It’s NOT!

It’s normal to feel excitement when you first start manifesting something, but excitement is a vibrational energy that can cause you to feel really high and then feel really low when it wears off. Once that happens doubts start to crop up, and you usually begin wondering if the Law of Attraction is working – clearly a Law of Attraction sign that your desire is not manifesting.

Excitement isn’t permanent. Please remember this!

Instead you’re looking for a feeling of wholeness, contentment…oneness. These are signs that your desire is manifesting.

Yes, we’re back to the sign of feeling, but it’s really an expansion on the feeling I was discussing above… It’s really important that you understand this.

A successful manifestation is an ordinary event. It’s one where yes, you’re happy and grateful it happened, but it isn’t a big deal. It really feels like the next logical step.

Think of all the things you’ve manifested throughout your life. Hasn’t it seemed like it was meant to be? It was just an ordinary part of your day. It was something that you expected just as you expect to wake up every morning.

You just accepted it as fact because it was already a part of your reality.

The feeling of excitement comes from the thought that you’re doing the impossible. You’re creating a fantasy. You aren’t living in a reality in which you already HAVE your manifestation.

You can’t pretend you don’t feel excited about something, just as you can’t pretend that something is already yours.

It is or it isn’t.

You’re one with it or not.

You always start from the point of excitement, but the key is to transition to a place where it doesn’t seem like a big deal.

When you reach that point, you have the strongest sign that your desire is manifesting.

It’s the place where you have the least resistance and the greatest allowing.

To reach the stage where the sign that your desire is manifesting is strongest, make peace with the outcome. Don’t fret over what does or doesn’t happen. Be okay with whatever happens.

Try meditation to calm your mind.

Exercise to work off the excited energy.

Do something completely unrelated to take your mind off your desire.

Practice feeling gratitude for everything in your life.

Laugh, have fun and play.

Enjoy the signs that your desire is manifesting. The Universe is constantly sending you messages, but the strongest always comes from within you.

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Home Based Business

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