Cape Tribulation Monochromes Northern Queensland


Northern Queensland, 22 to 23 July 2022. .Links go to colour posts (with equivalent images and information). If an image does not have a link, the preceding one applies. (Click on any image to see it in a larger size, if you are on a PC or tablet at least.) . Mount Alexandra Lookout. Daintree […]

Cape Tribulation Monochromes



State Of Origin
Game One 2023
Blow By Blow.

The battle lines were set in stone
as the players took the field.
There can be no quarter given
and neither team will ever yield.

The first contacts they were torrid
as the game went to and fro
This was like an old arm wrestle
trading tackles blow for blow.

Then Tevita Pangai came in late
The Fox stuck an elbow in.
That turned the tide for Queensland
but no one went into the bin.

Queensland had all the running
the blues thought their defence was fine
but Munsters kick was on the button
and The Hammer crossed the line.

Holmes was right on target
and his kick was straight and true
six nil the score to Queensland
and the Roaches sure were looking blue.

The Queensland backs were cruising
the ground was theirs to take.
The Blues were looking fragile
and their line was soon to break.

Ben Hunt weaved his magic
as the canetoad backline came alive.
Holmes fired that pass out wide to Walsh
and Cobbos joy you could not hide.

Holmes couldn’t put the kick through
but the score was on the board.
Ten nil the score to Queensland
Now they could put them to the sword.

The blues tried to turn the games tide
But the maroons were standing high
Frizell though he had pulled one back
but the call was held up so no try.

Then with ten to go the game turned
The crowd let out a Cockroach roar
Martin took a bullet pass off Lui
and the Blues cruised into to score.

Ten to six the score at half time
Queensland were hanging by a thread
some of the players walking wounded.
they looked like they were nearly dead.

The blues forwards came out firing
to start the second half of play.
Koroisau scored off a loose ball
and the comeback was underway

Queenslands errors were proving costly
they just could not seem get it right.
but Pangais error turned the tide
and Cobbos try lit up the night.

Sixteen to twelve to Queensland
the game was in the balance once again
then Crichton took that pass off Luai
and the crowd nearly went insane.

Why Flegler got sent to the bin
no one will ever know that call
but if inspired the Canetoads passion
and with their backs against the wall.

Their backline put the foot down
The Hammer cut them like a knife
The Blues went into panic mode
they knew they were now in strife.

Twenty Two to Eighteen
with just five minutes on the dial
and when Collins out jumped Teddy
I think I saw Billy Slater smile.

That final pass to Cameron Munster
was as perfect as could be,
and the look of grief on Fittlers face
was such a joy to see.

The Blues had made that one mistake
that they always seem to do.
They forgot about the Queensland passion
and it simply tore their dreams in two.

Twenty six points the Blues conceded
with only eighteen in reply.
I hugged my Queensland banner
and a tear swelled up in my eye.

The next game is on in Brisbane town
where The Blues will face the Deadly dark
and on the hallowed turf of Lang Park
Queensland will once more blow them off the park.






I was born on the 9th of July 1900, and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia is my birth certificate. The bloodlines of the world run in my veins because I offered Freedom to the oppressed. I am many things and many people. I am from Australia.

I am millions of living souls and the ghost of millions who have lived and died for me. I am Edward Hargraves and Charles Cowper. I stood at the Eureka Stockade and fired the first shot, which was heard worldwide. I am John King, Burke & Wills. I am Dennison Miller, Breaker Morant, Private John Simpson, Lance-Corporal Albert Jacka and the Anzac Boys. I am John Flynn, Charles Kingsford-Smith, Harold Lasseter, King O’Malley and Jack Lang.

I am the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the wheat fields of the west, and the Snowy Mountains of the south. I am the coalfields of Queensland, the timber in Tasmania, the Overland Railway, Ayers Rock and the Barrier Reef. I am the dog that sat on the tucker box and the black stump.

I remember the Burma Railroad, the Kokoda Trail and Tobruk. When Freedom called, I answered and stayed until it was over, over there. I left my heroic dead at Flanders Field, on the rocks of Gallipoli, in the desert of Palestine, on the beaches of World War II, on the slopes of Korea and in the jungles of Vietnam.

I sprawl from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific, three million square miles. In past years I throbbed with industry and had one million farms. I am forest, field, mountain and desert. I am quiet in towns and cities where I never sleep.

Yes, I am the Nation, and these are the things that I am. I was conceived in Freedom, and God willing, in Freedom, I will spend the rest of my days.

May I always possess the integrity, courage, and strength to keep myself unshackled, to remain a citadel of Freedom and a beacon of hope to the world? I am



I Am First Nations Old

The oldest race on Earth

We live as One Nation

I am the Truth – The Peace of this Great Nation of many Colours




Thank you Guys for an amazing sketch for our new flag.

We are AUSTRALIANS of many races today.

All my Brothers fought for Australians freedom from Suppression.

Freedom is every person on Earth’s Birthright.

The time for self rule is near.

We did not lose our family for a flag, perhaps uniting as a symbol of a new flag and a new Australian Constitution we as a Nation may be One Nation of many races.

To be unconditionally loyal to the way of Australian Law is a privilege not a right of passage.

Our way of life in Australia is sacred.

Every free Country has laws to protect you.

Australia has very strong moral principles of Human rights dignity.

Your duty to be an Australia is simple.

Blend in, follow Australian Law and live within that Law we so protect. KINDNESS peace 🤝


Watch “Rob Reacts to… The Seekers – I Am Australian: Special Farewell Performance” on YouTube

I am Australian

I am many nations

Living as one

From all the lands we come

We are all

We walk no shoes

We are the earth 🌐