Le Buffon des enfants / Buffon for Children

I am showing Images from Félix Lorioux’s Le Buffon des enfants. I sense a little nationalism. France lost most of Alsace and Lorraine as a result of …

Le Buffon des enfants / Buffon for Children

Last Will And Health Directive 🤐

What a day in Paradise

Being a Major Planner has always been my downfall😅

Tidying up my star-studded nightmare life has finally arrived in Document Paper 📝

At the end of the day, that’s all one turned out ~ piece of paper,  funny that 📜

The legal document states 30456 Words and 27 pages 🤐 

I sent a hard copy by email back stating my last will plus my Health Directive may take me some time to complete, probably about 10 months due to the rambling nature of my inability to make up my mind about a grand plan for my demise.

Obviously, 😅 

I no longer have a Power of Attorney…..{ already dead } 😅 I didn’t count on that you know!?

Turmoil is my friend 😔

Bet you’re glad you got rid of me smartypants 🤫

Anyway, my reply to the Attorney General ” sorry to the inconceivable mess I’m in if I die before I enter into any lawful arrangement to dispose of this mangled body, please dispose of my body in the ocean and all my worldly goods to anyone you see fit 😅.

 A Wish list 😅😅
Dated today 🚷 One doesn’t give rats 🐀???? Fill in the blanks 


Issy Parris 😅


Issy Paris ~ Pen ✒️ Pal

Honey Boy J. 

I am contemplating ” suffering” 

Good thought

Oh I do plenty of that, the master of misery I am


Miss master planner is in overdrive 

Why do you ask?

The fragility of my overactive brain on fire

Nonetheless breathing oxygen enables all these humans to suffer hell regardless of whether we like it or not

How about we sit in the rain to quell the fire in our gut

Or better still dance naked on the roof

And catch stars ✨ just for fun

Now wouldn’t that be an overkill

Life’s like that you know!

This head is overkill with all that junk we did together

Remember when you burnt those peacock 🦚 feathers in anger and how I laughed in glee 

Now that was a moment in time 

Moments of recollections “one” treasures 

All that terminated that dumb word ” suffering ” 

From this moment on let’s cross the world out!

Climb a tree 

Or run naked 

Through the cosmos 

Catching unicorns 

Wouldn’t that be fun

I am me 

You are a thing of majestic wonderfulness 

Riding a suit of many colours 

We could you know

Wouldn’t that be delightful 

Thoughts of a dreamer