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There is freedom that comes with awareness, because with it comes the opportunity to make a choice.
Life is a journey comprised of many steps on our personal path that takes us down a winding road of constant evolution. And each day, we are provided with a myriad of opportunities that can allow us to transform into our next best selves. One moment we are presented with an opportunity to react differently when yet another someone in our life rubs us the wrong way; on another day we may find ourselves wanting to walk away from a particular circumstance but are not sure if we can. Eventually, we may find ourselves stuck in a rut that we can never seem to get out of. We may even make the same choices over and over again because we don’t know how to choose otherwise. Rather than moving us forward, our personal paths may take us in a seemingly never-ending circle where our actions and choices lead us nowhere but to where we’ve already been. It is during these moments that awareness can be the first step to change.

Awareness is when we are able to realize what we are doing. We observe ourselves, noticing our reactions, actions, and choices as if we were a detached viewer. Awareness is the first step to change because we can’t make a change unless we are aware that one needs to be made in the first place. We can then begin understanding why we are doing what we are doing. Afterward, it becomes difficult not to change because we are no longer asleep to the truth behind our behaviors. We also begin to realize that, just as much as we are the root source behind the causes for our behaviors, we are also the originator for any changes that we want to happen.

There is a freedom that comes with awareness. Rather than thinking that we are stuck in a repetitive cycle where there is no escape, we begin to see that we very much play a hand in creating our lives. Whether we are aware of them or not, our behaviors and choices are always ours to make. Our past and our present no longer have to dictate our future when we choose to be aware. We are then free to move beyond our old limits, make new choices, and take new actions. With awareness, our paths can’t help but wind us forward in our lives while paving the way for new experiences and new ways of being. It is through awareness that we can continue to consciously evolve.



This is an open letter to Australian politicians who have allowed our country to become a place I no longer recognise. But you have lost my consent. In fact, I don’t remember you ever asking.

So let me be clear. You DO NOT have my consent to crush our way of life. To criminalise me for going further than 5 kilometres from my home. To set up police checkpoints on our roads – roads that I paid for, when I used to be allowed to work, when I used to be allowed to leave my home without explaining myself to someone in uniform.

You DO NOT have my consent to keep me from my family. To tell me “we are all in this together” while forcing us to stay apart. To lecture me about the morality of seeing people I love or checking in on a neighbour I pass at the shops. To make me “register” to see a friend. What sort of nightmare are you creating?

Who are you to tell me it is “good” to obey you, and “bad” to defy you? To come onto my screen daily and lecture me on my “behaviour”. To position a police officer behind you every time you speak. To hide behind public health officials. To threaten me with jail if I don’t listen. To fly police helicopters over my neighbourhood. To put the “riot” squad and the military on our streets (for our own good, of course). Who are you to decide what is “good” and “bad”, and to enforce your new world order with weapons?

The only type of “bad” I recognise is the powerful forcing the weak to do something against their will.

You DO NOT have my consent to confiscate my right to protest. To paint those who make their voices heard as bad people. To pretend they punch horses. To use the dark tools of propaganda. To tell us they are criminals. What are you really scared of?

This is a hostage situation, dressed in the language of public health. You have created a nasty police state, a dystopian nightmare, an ex-democracy, a petty dictatorship. You are frightened of your own people, and you don’t want them to be heard. You need the media to serve up its daily offering of fear porn. Who knew that you guys would work so well together?

None of you have lost a dollar, of course. None of you have volunteered to stop drawing a salary, to accept $320 disaster payment instead of making a living. You are the worst type of hypocrites, lecturing on the morality of a pain you do not share.

And now you encourage us to call the police on each other? To be a nation of dobbers. To distrust our neighbours. How deep are the scars you are creating?

You DO NOT have my consent to trap me in this country. To make me seek an “exemption” to leave. To decide where I must live my life. Is there any clearer sign that you have lost the consent of the governed than to force them to stay?

How dare you masquerade as our saviours. Our behavioural masters. Our moral enforcers. Our life extenders. I do not want your “protection”.

You have forgotten what you are. ‘Public servants’. Think about those words. Don’t twist them. Why don’t you let us be the judge of our own safety? Let those who wish to hide, hide? How dare you make these decisions on my behalf. You are destroying our lives in order to save them.

You are no longer ‘public servants’. Instead, you demand the public’s obedience down the barrel of a gun. How have you become convinced that using force to prevent people from moving freely is anything other than criminal?

You are destroying everything I love about this country: our bravery in the face of danger, solidarity between neighbours, the strength to muddle on, the freedom to come and go as we please.

Let’s be clear: there are many who despise you. These are the ones you are trying to silence. These are the ones you are afraid of. They are growing in number and they are enraged by your conduct.

You will never have our trust again. We don’t propose to “put all this behind us” when the pandemic is eventually over. You have broken something beautiful, and it will stay broken long after this is gone.

Ace Daily News

(UZBEKISTAN) Court Report: An Uzbekistan court’s decision to jail Otabek Sattoriy, an independent blogger who has investigated alleged corruption by local authorities, is a miscarriage of justice and blow to freedom of speech in the country #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – May.15: On May 10 a Surkhandaryo region court found Sattoriy guilty on three counts of extortion and two counts of slander and sentenced him to six-and-a-half years in prison.

HRW REPORT: Authorities initially brought the dubious criminal charges against Sattoriy for allegedly extorting a mobile phone from the head of a local bazaar: Following his arrest, authorities brought additional charges of slander and extortion after several individuals implicated in alleged corruption through Sattoriy’s reporting filed complaints.

March 31, 2021

Otabek Sattoriy.
© YouTube/Otabek Sattoriy

Sattoriy’s lawyer Umidbek Davlatov called the charges “fabricated” and argued in his closing arguments on May 4 that the prosecutor had failed to present any material evidence of wrongdoing by his client. Davlatov said Sattoriy plans to appeal the ruling.

Uzbekistan’s leadership, including President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, have made lofty claims of putting respect for human rights at the center of ongoing reforms. But actions speak louder than words. Jailing an inconvenient blogger exposes the reality of the repressive environment for free speech in Uzbekistan today.

Uzbekistan’s partners, including the United States and the European Union and its member states such as Germany and the United Kingdom, should call for Sattoriy’s release and urge Uzbek authorities to protect free speech. The European Union recently granted Uzbekistan special trade privileges under the GSP+ scheme, offering a clear opportunity for close review of Tashkent’s compliance with human rights standards, including on free speech.

Sattoriy is not the only critical blogger to be targeted recently by authorities. The Tashkent-based blogger, Miraziz Bazarov, himself the victim of a vicious physical attack, is now under investigation on criminal charges of slander.

Targeting bloggers with dubious criminal charges or sentencing them to lengthy jail terms has a chilling effect on free speech and undermines the Uzbek government’s claims of pursuing reform.

Respecting freedom of speech means hearing uncomfortable truths and ensuring that bloggers, citizens in general, and journalists can raise and report on sensitive and pressing issues – like corruption – without fear of retaliation, prosecution, and imprisonment. Respecting free speech also means that Otabek Sattoriy should not have to spend another day in jail.

#AceNewsDesk report ………Published: May.15: 2021:

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