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New Film – Help Build A Roadmap For Croatia’s Future – Croatian Studies Zagreb

IFilms/Croatian Film Institute new film – Croatian studies/ Studies in Demography and Croatian Diaspora 

The Croatian Film Institute (Texas, USA) announces a new short film directed by Nikola Knez (President of iFilms LLC,USA and Chair of Board of Directors of the Croatian Film Institute, entitled “Study of Demography and Croatian Emigration”, which you can watch on the institute’s website, more precisely at or

University professors and students from the Faculty of Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb, in this short film of about 17 minutes duration, share their vision of the mission of a new academic discipline that addresses the effect of emigration of generations of talented Croatians on their beautiful homeland. They extend a heartfelt, inspiring invitation to youth and émigrés to join and support their new program–Demography & Croatian Emigration–at the University of Zagreb. This field of study prepares a future generation of policymakers, researchers and professionals who will use scientific projections and models to make decisions in the best interest of people, shifting away from political stalemates and power struggles that have hampered the country’s progress and created a 21st century diaspora of the best and brightest. 

Nikola Knez Photo: Private Collection

“In this film, university professors and students share their vision in a new academic discipline that deals with the problem of emigration of generations of talented Croats from their beautiful homeland, the Republic of Croatia. Despite having all the natural and human components for the successful development of society there is a political status quo between forces that want to fully embrace a democratic, productive, demographically inclusive free market economy and those seeking only their own interests, rooted in the past of privileged communist elites.

This has resulted in growing dissatisfaction of the population with state decision-making and governance, tolerant officials and thus promote eligibility over quality, and corruption over transparency and accountability. All this leads to the stagnation of democratic, economic, and demographic development and the emigration of a large number of young people. In an attempt to scientifically solve this problem and for science to offer solutions that would determine the future of the Croatian state in this aspect, the University of Zagreb established the Croatian Studies, and recently the Department of Demography and Croatian Emigration.

Therefore, professors and students extend a cordial, inspiring invitation to young people and the diaspora to join and support their new program – the Study of Demography and Croatian Emigration – at the Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb. This study prepares future generations of public policy makers, researchers and experts who will use scientific projections and models for decision-making in the best interest of the Croatian people.

On the website of the Croatian Film Institute, in addition to film, you also have a link to studies so that all those who are interested in this topic can directly contact and see opportunities for study or other types of participation.

The aim and goal of the Croatian Film Institute is to inform and encourage cooperation and qualitative action to stop the emigration process, stimulate the return process and to build Croats together, across the diaspora and in the homeland to build a better, better and happier Croatian state. ourselves and the whole world,” says the iFilms/Croatian Film Institute Press Release January 2022.

Entrance to Faculty of Croatian Studies University of Zagreb

According to the latest census from 2021, there are just over 3.88 million people living in Croatia. Croatia has lost 395,360 inhabitants in the last 10 years. This negative trend of depopulation indicates the importance of the Study of Demography and Croatian Emigration. It is expected that the Government of the Republic of Croatia will take urgent and decisive measures for the benefit of Croatia and the Croatian people, which will alleviate the outflow of population if it does not stop it completely.

While improving in many spheres of living Croatia still lags behind other developed countries in the realisation of its potentials. Population is the key factor in the development of a nation, of its society and space. The demographic problem Croatia has been facing for quite some time (e.g. the fall of natality rate, large emigration or exodus numbers of people etc) had become an urgent problem to solve and, hence in 2019 University of Zagreb had founded the Faculty of Croatian Studies via which the demographic problem has been lifted to academic level. While Croatian studies stream had soon after becoming an independent state, since 1992, existed as part of larger Faculties of the University of Zagreb it was thus almost three decades after becoming an independent state that Croatia had opened a new, distinct, and dedicated avenue of studying and perhaps coming up with solutions in addressing demographic problems, including studying one of the richest diasporas in the world relative to the population numbers in the homeland. The short film tells us that this new Faculty, Croatian Studies, had set the directions of its activities. And they are:  

  1. Research and study the Croatian society, its population, culture, and its diaspora
  2. To create scientific knowledge about the Croatian civilisational and historical heritage that contributes to the development of an independent Croatian state that nurtures Croatian national and cultural identity in the European and world context.
  3. Research current demographic and migration trends and their consequences.

The key role in this scientific project would essentially need to have and head the newly formed department of demography and Croatian diaspora.  Doc dr. sc. Stjepan Sterc, an assistant professor of that department considers that “the Croatian diaspora is the wealth of Croatia and that the total development of Croatia must be founded on the functioning of the domicile and emigrated populations and on that basis, we have formed the study streams within this Faculty so that we may best be able to acquaint ourselves with all aspects of associated issues…”

The study of demography and Croatian emigration is a scientific novelty at Croatian universities vis-a-vis importance and general interest and in terms of importance for Croatia and emigration issues.

Doc. dr. sc. Gordan Rados Photo: Screenshot iFilms/Croatian Film Institute

Doc. dr. sc. Goran Rados, assistant professor, says: “It took many years for the study to be established, although phenomenology had been studied for emigration for a long time. In the last seven or eight years, there have been significant movements of emigrants, but in a bad direction, which means that Croats have begun to emigrate from Croatia more than they immigrate to Croatia. These phenomena can be studied at the study from all aspects – economic, political, legal … mainly through social interdisciplinary sciences …”

In the past ten years and according to the Census 2021 Croatia has lost around 400,000 of its people mainly due to emigration but also due to the fall in natality rate etc. Given that Croatia had a population of 4.2 million from the last census the recorded loss calculates to 10% of the total loss of population in ten years. The force of high emigration in recent years has begun to jeopardise and threaten the fundamental systems upon which the Croatian state rests. With the current population of Croatia being 3.8 million it is without a doubt that the population of people of Croatian descent through to, say, fifth generation,  living in the diaspora is far greater than the population living in Croatian.

Doc. dr. sc. Wollfy Krasic Photo: Screenshot iFilms/Croatian Film Institute Wollfy Krašić, assistant professor, says: “The aim of this study is to attract young Croats from all over the world to come here to study and then stay in Croatia or return to their communities and then be guardians and promoters of Croatian national identity, culture and language.”Doc. Stjepan Sterc Photo: Screenshot iFilms/Croatian Film INstitute

Doc. Dr. sc. Stjepan Sterc: “So this is a very beautiful story that is extremely important to direct towards Croatian emigrants so that Croatian emigrants see that we here have not forgotten, among other things, what they did with their idealism towards Croatia in the 1990s and what they do every year through remittances sent very extensive through the financial system of the Republic of Croatia and larger than all modes of foreign investment. This only proves that this idealism in the emigration still exists and that it is only a question of the political attitude towards them as it will look like in the future.”

Become a student of Croatian Studies. Visit

Help build a scientific roadmap for Croatia! Ina Vukic

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Ringo Starr, Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, and ‘Saturday Night Live’ comedians Fred Armisen and Vanessa Bayer are among the famous faces to feature in the first ever official music video for George Harrison’s solo song My Sweet Lord #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Jan.04: The video stars former SNL players Armisen and Bayer as metaphysical special agents who are tasked by the head of a clandestine agency, played by Hamill, to ‘search for that which can’t be seen’.


#AceFilm&Music News Desk says Ringo Starr appears with Mark Hamill and Saturday Night Live stars in new music video for George Harrison’s My Sweet Lord By MetroUK

The video has been produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Harrison’s first solo project after The Beatles were no more, the triple album All Things Must Pass.

Harrison died 20 years ago in November, an anniversary which was poignantly marked by both still-living Beatles, Sir Ringo and Sir Paul McCartney.

More than 40 famous faces from the worlds of music, TV, film and comedy star in the piece, which was written and directed by Lance Bangs, who has created videos for the likes of Nirvana, Arcade Fire and Kanye West.

Throughout the video, other agents team up and at one stage Armisen collaborates with Glee actor Darren Criss as they search through a cinema, which leads to Armisen getting popcorn thrown in his face by Sir Ringo for getting in the way while he is trying to watch the screen.

George HARRISON; playing acoustic guitar, c.1970/1971
George Harrison in around 1970, following the split of The Beatles (Picture: GAB Archive/Redferns)
Sir Ringo Starr
Sir Ringo’s cameo (Picture: YouTube)
Mark Hamill
Hamill kicks off the music video (Picture: YouTube)

Harrison’s wife Olivia Harrison and their son Dhani Harrison, who was an executive producer on the project, also appear in scenes with actress Aimee Mullins and actor Rupert Friend.

Other appearances include musician Jeff Lynne, who worked closely with Harrison in the late 1980s, as well as Good Omens star Jon Hamm and Rosanna Arquette.

The video also features cameos from musicians Joe Walsh, ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic, Reggie Watts, and comedians Moshe Kasher, Natasha Leggero and Patton Oswalt.

Comedy duos Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim and Garfunkel and Oates (Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci) can also be spotted.

Fred Armisen and Sir Ringo Starr
Sir Ringo pops up again to show off his drumming skills (Picture: YouTube)
Vanessa Bayer and Fred Armisen
Bayer and Armisen are the video’s main charcters (Picture: YouTube)
Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm’s cameo is brief (Picture: YouTube)

Harrison released All Things Must Pass in 1970, his first post-Fab Four solo project, having previously released the albums Wonderwall Music in 1968 and 1969’s Electronic Sound before The Beatles broke up.

A special 50th anniversary edition of the classic record was released in August with a new mix of the original tapes by Grammy Award-winning musician Paul Hicks, overseen by executive producer Dhani Harrison.

It was announced in 2018 that the solo single My Sweet Lord had topped a chart of the most played songs this century that were released on The Beatles’ Apple Records label.

The track, which was Harrison’s only solo number one single, received more public airplay since 2000 than Imagine by John Lennon and the Liverpool band’s Hey Jude.

Harrison, who was The Beatles’ lead guitarist, died in 2001 at the age of 58.


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(LONDON) JUST IN: A contributor on Netflix’s hit series The Crown has asked that her input into the series be removed over a disagreement about the portrayal of Princess Diana #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Nov.10: Jemima Khan, a friend of the late Princess of Wales, agreed to assist in finessing the storyline for the fifth season of the award-winning drama back in 2019: But a year out from the expected release of season five, she’s stepped back and declined credit for the writing of the show: Here’s what we know about how the situation unfolded.

#AceDailyNews says according to ABC News Report: The Crown contributor Jemima Khan steps away from production, says Princess Diana’s story not handled ‘compassionately’ in our co-writing agreement was not honoured, and when I realised that particular storyline would not necessarily be told as respectfully or compassionately as I had hoped, I requested that all my contributions be removed from the series and I declined a credit,” she said in a statement.

A historical photo of princess diana walking with her friend jemima khan. khan is carring a young child in her arms
Princess Diana and Jemima Khan during Diana’s final visit to Pakistan, just three months before her death. (Reuters)

Who is Jemima Khan and how is she linked to Diana?

Jemima Khan (nee Goldsmith) was formerly a journalist, and married Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan in 1995. 

She’s also a screenwriter and producer, and founded content company Instinct Productions. 

princess diana in a car with two other women. they are smiling and it looks like theyre chatting. photo taken through window
Diana and Jemima spent time together in Pakistan throughout the 1990s. (Reuters: Russell Boyce)

Jemima and Diana, Princess of Wales were friends, and a former partner of Diana’s, surgeon Hasnat Khan, is a cousin of her ex-husband, Imran (who became the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2018). 

Diana travelled to Pakistan multiple times throughout the 1990s to spend time with the Khans.

How did Khan get involved with The Crown and why is she leaving?

Khan said in a statement to the Sunday Times that she was approached by writer Peter Morgan in 2019, and asked to co-write the fifth season of the hugely popular drama. 

“We worked together on the outline and scripts from September 2020 until February 2021,” her statement read. 

However, a spokesperson for The Crown told UK media that Khan was never actually contracted as a writer on the series. 

“She has been part of a wide network of well-informed and varied sources who have provided extensive background information to our writers and research team,” the spokesperson said

Jemima in a black dress and hat is with her then husband, Imran, who is wearing a black suit. He has his hand over his mouth.
Jemima and Imran Khan travelled to the UK together to attend Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997. (Reuters)

Khan revealed that she has stepped away from the show because of the way Diana’s storyline was handled.

It’s unclear if Khan is referring to a particular event within the show or if she’s unhappy with Diana’s portrayal throughout the season. 

What do we know about The Crown season five?

We know it’s expected to focus on the royal family — particularly the relationship between Prince Charles and Diana — through the 1990s, up until her death in 1997. 

Australian actress Elizabeth Debicki stars as Princess Diana, withDominic West to play Prince Charles. 

An official release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but actress Imelda Staunton, who will play Queen Elizabeth II, confirmed in a preview videothat season five is expected to hit screens in November 2022.

“I’m delighted to be here, inheriting the role of Queen Elizabeth from two outstanding actresses, most recently the wonderful Olivia Coleman, and who could forget the actress who originated the part, Claire Foy,” she said. 

“I will do my utmost to maintain the very high standard they set.”

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‘Ace Film & Music Review News Desk’

#AceSocialDesk reports on the Film & Soundtrack for To Sir, with Love is a 1967 British drama film that deals with social and racial issues in an inner city school. It stars Sidney Poitier and features Christian Roberts, Judy Geeson, Suzy Kendall and singer Lulu making her film debut. James Clavell directed from his own screenplay, which was based on E. R. Braithwaite‘s 1959 autobiographical novel of the same name.

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To Sir, with LoveUK theatrical release posterDirected byJames ClavellScreenplay byJames ClavellBased onTo Sir, With Love
1959 novel by E. R. BraithwaiteProduced byJames Clavell
John R. SloanStarringSidney PoitierCinematographyPaul Beeson, B.S.C.Edited byPeter ThorntonMusic byRon GrainerProduction
company Columbia British ProductionsDistributed byColumbia PicturesRelease date

  • 14 June 1967 (US)
  • 29 October 1967 (UK)

Running time105 minutesCountryUnited KingdomLanguageEnglishBudget$625,000 or $600,000[2]Box office$42,432,803 or $22 million

The film’s title song “To Sir with Love“, sung by Lulu, peaked at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States for five weeks in the autumn of 1967 and ultimately was the best-selling single in the United States of that year. The movie ranked number 27 on Entertainment Weekly‘s list of the 50 Best High School Movies.[4]

A made-for-television sequel, To Sir, with Love II (1996), was released nearly three decades later, with Poitier reprising his starring role.


Mark Thackeray, an immigrant to Britain from British Guyana, must wait a long period to hear about an engineering job he applied for. In the meantime, he accepts a teaching post at North Quay Secondary School in the tough East End of London, as an interim position.

Most of the school’s pupils have been rejected from other schools, and their conduct drove the last teacher to resign. The pupils, led by Bert Denham and Pamela Dare, behave badly: their antics range from disruptive behaviour to distasteful pranks. Thackeray retains a calm demeanour, but loses his temper when he discovers something being burned in the classroom stove, which turns out to be a girl’s sanitary pad. He orders the boys out of the classroom, then reprimands all the girls, either for being responsible or passively observing, for what he says is their slutty behaviour. Thackeray is angry with himself for allowing his pupils to get the better of him. Changing his approach, he informs the class they will no longer study from textbooks. Until the end of term, when they are due to leave school, he will treat them as adults and expects them to behave as such (“You will show respect to me and each other at all times. You will address me as ‘Sir’ or ‘Mr. Thackeray’. Boys will be addressed by their last names; the girls will be likewise addressed, and as ‘Miss’.”); they can discuss whatever issues they wish, including relationships, marriage, sex, and applying for jobs. He gradually wins the class over, except for Denham, who continually baits him.

Thackeray arranges a class outing to a Natural History Museum in Kensington which goes well. The trip is represented by a series of still photographs as Lulu sings “To Sir With Love.”

He loses some support when he defuses a potentially violent situation between Potter and a gym teacher, Mr Bell. In class, he demands that Potter apologize directly to Bell, even if he believes Bell was wrong. The group later refuses to invite Thackeray to the class dance. When black student Seales’ mother dies, the class takes up a collection for a wreath but refuse to accept Thackeray’s donation; and the students refuse to deliver the wreath to Seales’ house in person because their parents wouldn’t approve of their visiting a “colored” person’s house. The headmaster tells Thackeray that “the adult approach” has failed, and future outings are cancelled. Thackeray is to take over the boys’ gym classes until the headmaster can find a replacement. Meanwhile, Thackeray receives the engineer job offer in the post.

During a gym class, Denham smugly challenges Thackeray to a boxing match. Denham delivers several blows to Thackeray’s face, but the bout comes to an abrupt end when Thackeray delivers one punch to Denham’s mid-section. However, Thackeray compliments Denham’s ability and suggests he teach boxing to the younger pupils next year. Denham expresses his admiration for Thackeray to his classmates; Thackeray regains their respect and is invited to the class dance. Later, when Thackeray attends the funeral of Seales’ mother, he is touched to find that his lectures on personal choices and responsibility have had an effect and the entire class has attended.

At the dance, Pamela chooses Thackeray as her partner for the “Ladies Choice” dance. Afterward, the class presents to Thackeray “a little present to remember us by”. Thackeray is moved and retires to his classroom.

Two younger, rowdy pupils rush into the classroom, in what appears an attempt to be alone together. The two laugh at the sentimentality of Thackeray’s gifts, a silver tankard and card, “To Sir, with love”, with the departing class’s signatures. They joke that they will be in his class next year. After they leave, Thackeray tears up the engineering job offer, reconciled to the work he has ahead of him. He then takes a flower from the vase on his desk, places it in his lapel, and leaves.



Sidney Poitier and James Clavell wanted to do the film, but Columbia was reluctant. They agreed to make the film for small fees, provided Poitier got 10% of the gross and Clavell 30% of the profits. “When we were ready to shoot, Columbia wanted either a rape or a big fight put in,” said Martin Baum. We held out, saying this was a gentle story, and we won.”[2]


Upon its U.S. release, Bosley Crowther began his review by contrasting the film with Poitier’s role and performance in the 1955 film Blackboard Jungle; unlike that earlier film, Crowther says “a nice air of gentility suffuses this pretty color film, and Mr. Poitier gives a quaint example of being proper and turning the other cheek. Although he controls himself with difficulty in some of his confrontations with his class, and even flares up on one occasion, he never acts like a boor, the way one of his fellow teachers (played by Geoffrey Bayldon) does. Except for a few barbed comments by the latter, there is little intrusion of or discussion about the issue of race: It is as discreetly played down as are many other probable tensions in this school. To Sir, with Love comes off as a cozy, good-humored and unbelievable little tale.”[5]

Halliwell’s Film and Video Guide describes it as “sentimental non-realism” and quotes a Monthly Film Bulletin review (possibly contemporary with its British release), which claims that “the sententious script sounds as if it has been written by a zealous Sunday school teacher after a particularly exhilarating boycott of South African oranges”.[6]

The Time Out Film Guide says that it “bears no resemblance to school life as we know it” and the “hoodlums’ miraculous reformation a week before the end of term (thanks to teacher Poitier) is laughable”.[7] Although agreeing with the claims about the film’s sentimentality, and giving it a mediocre rating, the Virgin Film Guide asserts: “What makes [this] such an enjoyable film is the mythic nature of Poitier’s character. He manages to come across as a real person, while simultaneously embodying everything there is to know about morality, respect and integrity.”[8]

The film premiered and became a hit one month before another film about troubled schools, Up the Down Staircase, appeared.

The novel’s author E.R. Braithwaite loathed the film, particularly because of its betrayal of the novel’s interracial relationship.[9]

To Sir, with Love holds an 89% “Fresh” rating on the review aggregatewebsite Rotten Tomatoes based on 28 reviews.[10] The film grossed $42,432,803 at the box office in the United States, yielding $19,100,000 in rentals, on a $640,000 budget,[3] making it the sixth highest grossing picture of 1967 in the US. Poitier especially benefited from that film’s success considering he agreed on a mere $30,000 fee in exchange for 10% of the gross box office and thus arranged one of the most impressive payoffs in film history. In fact, although Columbia insisted on an annual cap to Poitier of $25,000 to fulfill that percentage term, the studio was forced to revise the deal with Poitier when they calculated they would be committed to 80 years of those payments.[11]


To Sir, with LoveSoundtrack album by variousReleased1967GenreTraditional popLabelFontana (UK)Singles from To Sir, with Love 

  1. To Sir with Love
    Released: 1967

The soundtrack album features music by Lulu, The Mindbenders, and incidental music by Ron Grainer. The original album was released on Fontana Records. It was re-released onto CD in 1995. AllMusic rated it three stars out of five.

The title song was a Cash Box Top 100 number-one single for three weeks.

  1. To Sir With Love” (lyrics: Don Black; music: Marc London) – Lulu
  2. School Break Dancing “Stealing My Love from Me” (lyrics & music: Marc London) – Lulu
  3. Thackeray meets Faculty, Then Alone
  4. Music from Lunch Break “Off and Running” (lyric: Toni Wine; music: Carole Bayer) – The Mindbenders
  5. Thackeray Loses Temper, Gets an Idea
  6. Museum Outings Montage “To Sir, with Love” – Lulu
  7. A Classical Lesson
  8. Perhaps I Could Tidy Your Desk
  9. Potter’s loss of temper in gym
  10. Thackeray reads letter about job
  11. Thackeray and Denham box in gym
  12. The funeral
  13. End of Term Dance “It’s Getting Harder all the Time” (lyrics: Ben Raleigh; music: Charles Abertine) – The Mindbenders
  14. To Sir With Love – Lulu


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(LONDON) Film Red White & Blue: Based on a real-life officer of the same name, and this quote reflects the philosophy that informed his career #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – May.13: In a scene in the new film Red, White and Blue, the third installment of Steve McQueen’sSmall Axe anthology, a young Leroy Logan attends his first day of police training in 1980s London: The officer-in-training, played by John Boyega, introduces himself to the rest of the cohort: “One thing I will say outright, I’m not here to make any friends. I’m here to bring change to this organization from the inside out.”

Steve Mc Queen Film: ‘Red, White & Blue Story of an young police officer begins with his first day of police training in 1980’s London’

Kindness & Love❤️ says this film in the anthology and third instalment of Steve McQueen’s ‘Small Axe’ of a young Leroy Logan is as relevant today as in the 1980’s

The character is based on a real-life officer of the same name, and this quote reflects the philosophy that informed his career: “ I entered clearly knowing that I am a Black man who happened to be a cop,” he tells TIME, reflecting on joining the force at age 26. “I did not go into the organization to assimilate and adopt the norms and values of the organization.” Now 63, Logan is one of several inspirations for the Oscar-winning McQueen’s new anthology, five films that tells stories about the West Indian community in London. Red, White and Blue shows Logan’s own experiences with policing, the decision he made to switch careers and join the force, and the tensions that his decision threw up in the workplace, his family and community:

Logan would later be elected as the first chair of the National Black Police Association in 1998, receive a Member of the British Empire award from Queen Elizabeth in 2000, and later retire in 2013 after 30 years in the force: For McQueen, Logan’s story offers a different perspective on Black British resistance, particularly when compared to the 1970 trial of the Mangrove Nine, dramatized in Small Axe’s first installment Mangrove, which marked the first judicial acknowledgment that there was “evidence of racial hatred” in London’s Metropolitan police force. The concept for Red, White and Blue emerged from the Small Axe writers’ room McQueen had gathered. “I love the idea of the establishment, and someone trying to enter it,” the filmmaker told TIME in a recent interview. “What Leroy’s story says is that it’s do or die, really.”

How Logan switched careers from science to law enforcement

John Boyega in 'Red, White and Blue'

Will Robson-ScottJohn Boyega in ‘Red, White and Blue’

When Logan and McQueen met in 2016, Logan felt the director had understood his story: Logan recalls their conversations, with McQueen asking him why he left his “first love,” the field of science, for his “worst nightmare,” the police force. “At the time, it actually didn’t make sense to me,” says Logan. “I really did question my sanity for the first 10 years.” Born in north London in 1957, Logan spent part of his childhood in Jamaica, where his parents had emigrated from as part of the Windrush generation. It was there that he saw more Black people in authority roles like police officers:

Back in the U.K. when he was pursuing his degree, he remembered seeing a Black police officer on patrol, and the image stayed with him. Off-duty police officers shared the sports facilities he used while working as a scientist at the Royal Free Hospital. Through them, he says he was introduced to a more human side of the police force that his community had come to distrust. After going on drives with the officers he met at the gym, and becoming more convinced that his presence could help change racist attitudes from within, Logan left a career in forensic science to join the police in 1983. “Casual racism was terrible,” he says. He recalls having the N word written across his locker at work, as depicted in the film. “You sort of felt, well, no wonder people don’t join the organization. It was a hostile environment. But I realized I just had to stand strong. I wasn’t going to let them grind me down.”

‘I was between a rock and a hard place’

Logan joined amid a recruitment drive to attract more Black officers and officers of color, given the fraught nature of race relations in Britain at the time. In 1981 and 1985, major riots broke out in cities across the country, in explosions of longstanding simmering tensions between local communities and police forces, who were disproportionately using “stop and search” powers against young Black men. (The 1981 riots in Brixton are depicted in another film in the Small Axe series, Alex Wheatle.) In 1983, the same year Logan joined the force, a report commissioned by the London Metropolitan Police concluded that racial prejudice was pervasive within the Metropolitan Police, and relations with young West Indians were “disastrous.” Logan and his family had personal experience with heavy-handed policing in their community. Just after Logan submitted his application to join the police, his father Kenneth, a truck driver, was arrested on the street over a traffic matter and sustained facial injuries after two officers assaulted him. “I thought, well I have to put that [a career in the police] to one side, I’m not going to do it,” says Logan. But he stayed the course. “There was a sense of purpose, and I felt it was something I had to pursue, and if I didn’t, I would be in more torment.” Despite Kenneth’s reservations, he was supportive of his son. That aspect, too, interested McQueen. “As well as being in an environment which wasn’t particularly welcoming, it’s also about trying to grapple with your own parents’ wants and needs,” the director says. Beyond the pushback from his family and colleagues, Logan also experienced new tensions with his community, as he was seen as a traitor for joining the force that had discriminated against them. “I was between a rock and a hard place,” he says.

The context of today’s Black Lives Matter movement

Although McQueen thought about an early concept for Small Axe 11 years ago, the release of the series comes during a year when the Black Lives Matter movement, and in particular unchecked police violence against Black people, has received renewed international attention. Logan believes the same prejudices that existed when he was an officer still need to be unlearned. “What happened to George Floyd, and the sadness I felt when that officer lynched him…we had the same oath to protect and serve, and it saddened me greatly.” Leroy Logan Morris inquiry In the U.K., he feels the situation has regressed at least 20 years when it comes to heavy-handed enforcement tactics and a return to stop and search.

Official figures this year indicated that Black people are nine times more likely to be stopped and searched by police officers than white people across England and Wales, and that the use of stop and search powers is at a six-year high. Logan is involved in several social justice projects, and says that the young people he works with through the charity Voyage Youth have spoken about feeling over-policed and underprotected, and how the protector and the predator wear the same uniform. “For me, that’s a real indictment of where policing has gone terribly wrong,” Logan says. “Trust and confidence is the worst it’s been in decades.”

Boyega voiced the frustrations of many in the Black community in the wake of George Floyd’s death, telling crowds at a Black Lives Matter protest in London in June that “at least you understand how painful it is to be reminded every day that your race means nothing.” The protest took place before shooting on Red, White and Blue wrapped, and McQueen says Boyega definitely had an impression on the project after that speech.

Speaking in a recent interview with Variety, Boyega reflected on portraying Logan: “This is essentially a character study into a man who goes through a system that wasn’t ready for him…I definitely think I’m part of the generation that benefited from a lot of his work in the community, especially youth groups.” To see Boyega portray him onscreen has been cathartic for Logan, and he hopes that it will be the source of conversations, particularly for schoolchildren who can see a part of Black British history represented in film.

And although he’s retired from the force, he still wants to challenge the institutional racism he sees within it. “I know the ingredients are there to resolve everything about it,” he says, reflecting on his senior role in policing the London 2012 Olympics. “It just needs the right leadership and the right attitude to get that accountability and transparency that’s necessary.” Since helping to found the Black Police Association in 1994, Logan says he’s been determined to keep going. “If that’s my legacy, if it reads on my cremation plaque he gave it his best shot, he didn’t give up, that’s important for me.”

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