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How to Mix and Master Your Music Online?

Anyone who is not connected with music or, on the contrary, has begun to show interest in it, may be mistaken in the fact that to create a high-quality song, a musician will only need to record vocals in a recording studio and it will all sound great. The key to the professional sound of […]

How to Mix and Master Your Music Online?

God knows Best 💥

The scripture says, “God hastens His word to perform it”.

Hasten means quickly, speedily, in a hurry. I’m not saying we don’t have to wait.

There are things that take time. What I’m saying is that when you don’t see anything happening and it looks like what you’re up against is never going to change, you’re going to step into a destiny moment where God will do things speedily, quicker than you thought. He’ll cause those enemies to hurry out of your way.

He’ll cause you to accomplish your dream in a fraction of the time. It may look like that obstacle is permanent, but then suddenly, it will turn around.

That’s God hastening His word!


Be Creative ~

That creativity is thinking up new things.

Innovation is doing new things.

Theodore Levitt said that, and he was right.
Therefore, be not only a creator, but an innovator

Put your new ideas into motion.

Place them not just on paper, but on the ground.

Ah, yes, now you have done something.



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