Thought of the Day if you dare to wallow ~ get out of the comfort zone ✌

Dare yourself to wallow on what lies beyond the familiar. Never let mediocrity be your identity. Remember, opportunities don’t always come knocking at your door, so huddle all the grit that you have within to take that first step away from what you’re accustomed to. If you are daunted in facing the unknown and unfamiliar, I’m telling you this, “end it now” or you’ll wake up one morning in another twenty years wondering where the time went and you’ll just find yourself in the same exact spot with all the “WHAT IFs?” in mind…
For once, let RISK and DARE be your language


For a child is like a lion, unfettered, always free, From The Wisdom of The World – but this much we can see: 💙💙

“THE DIFFERENCE!” a poem dedicated to my buddy Don and my Daddio Sam, always “young at heart!” written: March 3, 2019 [Sunday] P. S.: Happy Birthday, Don! 🙂 – in mid-March!

“Aren’t you being a bit childISH?” to my Inner Child, [s]he said.

“Well, I’m not sure! How-can-one-tell?” So, I ‘SIMPLY” read,
About being “CHILD-LIKE,” which was a suggestion of “The Lord!”

“What IS The Difference between LIKE – and ISH?” This, I fairly roared,

For a child is like a lion, unfettered, always free,
From The Wisdom of The World – but this much we can see:

CHILD-ISH is not concerned – with-the-harm that-it might cause;
However, a-CHILD-LIKE-person-is-filled! with-both-“Oo-oo’s”-and-“Ahh’s!”

THE CHILD-LIKE-ones are-here-to-INSPIRE – those who’ve fallen “dull,”
And sad – and, perhaps, TOO formal to-be-stirrED, from-their-“lull?”

It’s-about-awakening THE-CHILD in- all-of-us-who-will-hear,
The voice of an “ANGELic-child,”
Most Joyous! and So Clear! 🙂 – Oh, my!

fin <3

Mystic POET EDITOR’S COMMENTS: Thank you for your compassion for the lives of Children. Earth’s Future. Kindness x x

What is GOOD and What is BAD!? I am not sure, but don’t be SAD; Just-consider-OFTEN   how-you      FEEL ~ reality is KINDNESS

“DER ROTE SARAFAN!” a poem February 19, 2019 (Tuesday)

What is GOOD and What is BAD!?
I am not sure, but don’t be SAD;
Just-consider-OFTEN how-you FEEL,
For feelings, THEY can oft’ reveal,
What is good and/or bad FOR YOU,
And that is what you need to do,
But! Do avoid-eth hurting-others,
Especially-your-friends – and their mothers,
And: The Sensitive! The Small! and – “The Freak,”
Watch -out-for-THEIR-feelings, and TRY to [always] seek,
The truth of things, as-it-be for you,
By FEELING LIFE! [It’s YOUR “coochy-coo!”]

Do-“THE-GOOD [really] Die-Young? (How good is that?)
And – WHO IS “GOOD?” Is-it June – and Matt?
Well, IT BEATS ME! ‘Cause-for-Jews, long-life,
IS a blessing! and-a-witchy-wife,
Is-NOT considered A GOOD DEAL!
However, even-mean-wives can reveal,
What you-might like to avoid,
In yourself! to NOT be “goy”*ed,
By-the-views-of-OTHERS, who-will-decide what’s true,
And what is GOOD – and/or BAD – for YOU!


* – Goy: a term used often derogatorily by Jews to designate a non-Jewish person and is used here to suggest you can be tricked into believing that someone else’s ideas have more value or merit than your own! You might consider being careful doing that, for, as Shakespeare suggested, it is usually a good thing “. . . to [your] own self to be true!”

** – Even though the FOX TV network applauds itself for being FAIR & BALANCED!!!




Is this the TRUTH you seek
Leads you to taking
Your Money
Your Brain
Your Family
Until the victim is a former broken version of self

Be Warned 🎭
Dangers Of Cult
Then run 💣
Walk with those seeking Truth
Run from those who think
they're found it
The day you were conceived 
You held the secret of Truth and Freedom
Already equipped in your Deno
Truth, Kindness, Self-knowledge was planted 
Like a seed in your soul to grow and nourish
your heart
Seeking truth is a responsibility within yourself 
Not the Lord
HE gifted you a blessed gift of life 
Do not find Truth 
It always within 
You are the master of your life
Never allow any man to steal your truth 
You are the truth 🕊

Once a spiritual awakening

Is recognised within

Every happening can be perceived

As a spiritual growth within

Freedom and Truth

Calmness ~ Peace


Victims of Cults


In one word: Self Judgement

Meaning in Dictionary: Shame: Noun

The painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonourable, improper, ridiculizes a person.

Or done by one person to another

SHAME Verb: to cause Shame and humiliate a person arises from conditioning response found in ancient misinformation passed down through mainly indoctrinated family trees encompassing “Man Made Religion” found now to be interpreted as Fact is not a fact at all. ( God must cry )

IDIOMS include Shame: you Shame: feel ashamed ( shocking, cruel thing to say to others )


  • Embarrassment
  • Mortification
  • Humiliation
  • Self-mutilation of character

The Human Race has been used by evil ideals to undermind our intelligence, to cause lifelong scars in humans that never heal.

The WORD, SHAME belongs in the same category as Hate, Racism, Ignorance, narcist self-absorbed individual-referred as a narcist troubled with the pompous self-righteousness of self-importance without the regard for a poor soul that you were supposed to support and love, how shockingly cruel are you to shame a loved one.

Yes, a mouthful here to think about!

Kindness using words in the English Language may save humanity and save the Government taxpayers money in the health system Treating Mental Illness.

Many Words in the English Language cause mental illness.

Ask for forgiveness, not rewards when the term used called SHAME spue them from your mouth.