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The Universe Is Big. It Has Ten Thousand Stars For Every Grain Of Sand Here On Earth Which Means It Have Billions If Not Trillions Planets Which Can Host Life. Therefore There Must Be Atleast Millions Of Civilizations Flourishing In The Observable Universe. Atleast Hundreds Of Thousands Civilizations Should Be There In Our Own Galaxy. […]

The Dead End

Caring ~

Light interacts with matter through a phenomenon known as absorption, reflection, and transmission.

When light encounters matter, three things can happen: it can be absorbed by the material, reflected, or transmitted through it.

The interaction depends on various factors such as the properties of the material and the wavelength of the light.

Different materials have different abilities to absorb or transmit light, which is why some materials appear opaque, while others are transparent or translucent.

This interaction between light and matter is fundamental to our perception of colour, as the selective absorption and reflection of certain wavelengths give objects their distinct hues.



“I’m gonna let you in on a secret you never forget where you were at when a pet left in fact the pain can dig deeper than for a family member or two-legged friends and it’s the kind of pang impossible to forget they are our twenty-four-seven friends and we are their everything and that is impossible for them to forget.

😞 impossible to forget.”

there is no secret that a pet won’t protect they go to great lengths before us they accept for a life they commit to protecting, and when they’ve left they will have left a plethora of reflects.


Friendship ~

We are innately social creatures

Hardwired to seek each other out🙆‍♀️

And profoundly shaped by our relationships and alliances

Our ability to empathize🤗

Relate to one another and communicate our thoughts and ideas is what sets us apart and makes us
uniquely human…

We naturally seek deeper associations with people as a way of identifying and better understanding others and ourselves🤷‍♀️

But the truth is

It’s not always easy to make those connections🤔

The bonds we create are key to building our businesses and creating full and happy lives

However, in a busy world full of distractions it can be hard to build friendships🙌

Especially when we have limited time available

So make a point to connect to those around you🙋‍♀️

Spend even a few minutes to get to know them

Then cherish them and appreciate them in your life🥰

Each person brings you something valuable in your

I truly appreciate everyone in my life and Thanks
for being part of mine


Becoming the Master of Your Mind

Your mind is a tool, and like any other tool, it can be used for constructive purposes or for destructive purposes.

You can allow your mind to be occupied by unwanted, undesirable and destructive tenants, or you can choose desirable tenants like peace, gratitude, compassion, love, and joy.

Your mind can become your best friend, your biggest supporter, and someone you can count on to be there and encourage you. The choice is yours!