God Needs YOUR Mind, Body,❤️ & Soul 🙏

God knows our very ❤️’s desire some say desires but as their is only ONE God by any other name ……….SOME 🙏 too DAILY and with the Commandment …Love Thy God With ALL Of Your Mind & Voice we are set FREE of the SIN in the ❤️ daily……… Now our Mind that God Wants […]


‘Ace says …..its time for a news story that will never end as its the truth

Hello Friends, Followers & Readers …you have followed Ace Daily News everyday and hope you enjoyed all my posts ….. ‘Ace says ……..its time for the truth with Kindness & Love’X❤️ Now for something new the title above says it all l am to become a dedicated researcher and news provider by rooting out news […]