Swallow ~

“The Blessing(s) of The SWALLOWS!” * a poem a.k.a.: “Don’t Swallow!” July 6, 2019 (Saturday)

A swallow* build its beautiful nest here one day!

At-the-door, and, of-course, I-shouted: “Hooray!”

‘Cause we-all love nature-it’s-na-a-tur-AL! / Nature is beautiful! She-is my pal!

& then came a mate; we said “This is great! / Nature, we love it, we can not wait!

For babies & feeding & fa-a-mi-lees!” We-all started praying & fell to our knees!

AND THANKED GOD – for nature! and families! and birds!

AND, THEN – THERE-WAS-A-FAMILY! And-we-have-no[t]-[the]-words!

To describe the in-ces-sant and-caco-phonous noise!

That we-had-to-put-up-with! And, lemme-tell-ya-boys:

The poo started to accumulate! under the nest!

And mum started gettin’ migraines – Dad-said: “Is-this-the-best,

IDEA? to-have all this noise and smelly, white poo!?”

And sister and brother – They-didn’t-know-what-to-do!

And THE NEIGHBORS COMPLAINED! and-The-Police came to us!

“We’re having complaints! There is bird poo and fuss!”

“BUT, NATURE,” I said; “It’s a beautiful thing!”

“Oh-really,” said-The-Police-as-they-attached-a-big-ring

Un-to my ankle – AND TOOK ME AWAY!

And my family shouted for JOY – and-they-burned-the-nest-that-day!

I-didn’t-do-well-IN PRISON, after-being-butt-fucked-by-Buddha!

He’s MY BIG, BIG, BLACK FRIEND – and-He-just-LOVES-to-rub-a

Up-a-against – by backside – and he’ll often say:


“Then, why-does-it-hurt? Why does it sting?”

“Don’t argue, my lover!” “But, Buddha! THAT-THING!

It-irritates-my-rectum – and I can’t poo no more,

Without screaming in agony! I think you done tore!

My sphincter! so-that I’m-in-constant-dis-tress!”

“Shut-up! Lean-forward! While-I-pull up MY DRESS!

And-lemme-[re]-introduce-you – to-this-natural-being;

I found me a swallow! * and – IT MAY BE OBSCENE!

But-let’s-just-try sticking it-up-your-ass!” &-yes, My Friends! this-2-came-to-pass:

That I ended-up with a swallow, * who was introduced to a mate!

And they lived in my rectum – I GUESS IT WAS MY FATE!

That “up-there” they-would-have a-little fam-(i)-lee!

And they pooed! and they chirped! It-was THE-END-OF-ME!

So, I died! of-“NATURAL-CAUSES,” after-crying for-DAYS!

I-THINK-I’ve-a-different-attitude-now, about-NATURE AND-ITS-WAYS!

So, I DIED!-&-went-to-Heaven and-found-out: “GOD’S A SWALLOW!” *

“Sort-of-figures,” I-thought! And, for-my-rectum, I use – aloe! **

fin <3

  • – footnote: This poem was originally written about sparrows! – AND – I cleaned up the poop with a white wheel BARROW!😂😃😁

** – Aloe vera ointment can treat various skin conditions! It’s NATURAL!

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