Oh my Harry Urban you talk the walk as a grand Gentleman . One our beautiful friend’s lost her race with time last week. 32 years completing her journey . She left us with so much history and wonder. God bless you Sir💫

Natures Gentleman 🎩

We stumble through life trying to make sense out of how things are, then you get diagnosed with some form of dementia thinking that this just might be the final straw.

You soon learn the true meaning of fears and all the drama in your life becomes unimportant. This may not happen overnight, but trust me, it is sink or swim time. You have so many different paths available to you, but it is up to you to choose which path you want to follow.

I tried several of these paths until I found the one leading to a World without Dementia. This path leads me away from the bitterness of dementia and toward my inner peace.

I discovered ways to adapt to this new life and become happy once again. Through this newfound happiness I discovered my passion and purpose in life. I believe you must taste the ugliest before you can appreciate how blessed your life is.

Discover the pleasant feelings you get when you help someone else.

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