Starting over again ~ oh my goodness gracious he’s lovely 🏆

“IT’S TIME TO START OVER; IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!” a poem June 8, 2019 (Saturday)

“It’s time again! It’s time again! Time-t’-listen-to-me-moan!

I got a lotta problems! My weight is 20 stone!

My neck is stiff, I want some ‘sweets,” (pause) and-my-back-is-awfully-sore!

I don’t-like-the-neighbor’s-doggie, and I’ve-got-a so much more!”

“Before you go-on, Dear Sweetie, could-I-ask a little favor?

Could you please undress, for I love your skin; it’ll-sweeten-up- the-‘flavor,’

Of-all-these-‘well-known-complaints’ you’re-about to-‘lay-on the table!’ “

“Well, heck-a-no, you silly man, I’m wearing my rich sable,

And-I’m-not-gonna-smile-either; you’re gonna-HAVE-TO-suffer!

IF I-have-to deal with life, you-of-course-will-have-NO-buffer!”

“But, Honey Pie, why? would-I really wanna-stay,

And listen-to-all-these-complaints if-there isn’t some-little-way,

To sort-of add a-bit-of-enjoyment – into This-Here-Mix?

Otherwise, while you-are (pause) “having your fine KICKS,”

I MUST just-wait and nod my head – silently! [PERHAPS] FOREVER,

Until you finish . . .” “Wait a sec’ now, it’s time for-me to-pull The-Gosh-Darn-LEVER,

On these ‘negotiations!’ You-just stay-put and listen!

I’m-gonna-be FULLY-CLOTHED, while I’m moanin’ and a-hissin’ !”

[The lights dim, and the sweet sound of-a-dove is-heard “in-the-distance,”

As we hear the reverberations – of “Honey Pie’s” in-sistence!]

She looked around! There-was-no-one-there!

She couldn’t understand it! How dare, dare, dare –

Her “sounding post” LEAVE THE SCENE!

She shouted: “You’re rotten! and AWFULLY mean,

To leave from-here – and-leave-me-[all]-alone!

Now! Who’s gonna-listen to-me-AS-I-MOAN!?”

Her words gently echoed – off the wall!

Suddenly, our-heroine – began to-bawl,

Recalling:-she’d-sent-her-husband to-an-early-grave,

Perhaps 10 years earlier! Still, she-would-rant-and-rave,

And imagine – that “Samuel” was still there at her side,

Perhaps, they-could go-out-that-evening – for an auto ride!

Afterwards, they could return-HOME – and make such pure, sweet love!

But Sam was, obviously! SIMPLY NOT THERE, and a lonesome, snow-white dove,

Pecked upon the window – and coo-ed a little bit,

While-our-hero-ine, with-tears-in-her-eyes, stroked a lonely teat,

And looked up at the ceiling – and wondered-what-had-possessed-her,

To gripe so much at Samuel! (pause) and cause their life to fester!

A-comforting-touch she could have offered! and NOT SO MUCH COMPLAINING!

The dove continued tapping, and then it started raining!

“Maybe if-I’d-been sweeter-and-somewhat-more-understanding!

Sam would still be here-with-me, and we’d-have-a-Happy-[A]Ending!”

She opened up the window, and a-wet-dove-came-gently-in!

And nestled there within her heart, and-COO-ed: “Let’s start again!”

fin <3

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