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Artist Jfastereft modern impressions Art for Sale

Intro: I passed the lovely cherry tree; it was at dawn one day,

And, as I walked, the iris spoke; here’s-what THE-IRIS say:

“Life, it takes some effort, but-if-you-can TRY, all the while,

To-stand UPRIGHT! with petals e-rect – and smile, smile, smile!”

“THE ADVICE OF THE IRIS!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Stand For Something!” Aug. 22, 2019 (Thursday)

SMILE! Just – smile! and, also – STAND UP STRAIGHT!

Get-up (at) 7:00, not 8:00? and, with-that-extra-hour, you-might-feel-great!

Smile like-the Smiling Jaguar, who-guards-the-iris-patch at The Palace Wall!

STAND STRAIGHT (closer-to-Heaven), and people will say: “HOW TALL,

THAT STATELY [ ] looks; I-think-(s)he-looks an-hour younger!”

Smile! and Stand Up Straight! and (also) satisfy YOUR HUNGER,

With some good food and-sunshine and-also rain-and-air,

And-suddenly! Life might seem better! Here – and everywhere!

YOU’LL HAVE (closer-to) “24/7” WORTH-OF-A- “GOOD HAIR DAY,”

And, along with you, I bet your friends – might surely shout: “Hooray!”

AND!! Please-know, since you seem “better” and “taller,”

“They” might ask-you for 10 dollars, ’cause they’ll know you might NOT holler!

Instead, you’ll SMILE, like The Smiling Jaguar, who lives just up the lane,

Who’s so-tall (as-he’s smiling pretty!)


fin โ™ฅ

Outro: As I left my pretty IRIS, they-seemed-to-droop, just a-little!

“But we’re smiling and (trying to) stand(ing) straight!? This is such a riddle,

To determine whatever it is – additionally! that we need!”

I turned back – to my little friend(s), for-the irises were perplexed, indeed!

And I said, “I’ve got an idea,” and I ADDED SOME NICE WATER!

Now, THEIR SMILING & STRAIGHTNESS seems (pause) much-more,


(These are two original acrylic and pastel paintings, beautifully framed!)

Art for Sale

By ace101

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