Social Democracy

Social Democracy

“Re-defining Social Democracy Using Familiar Concepts Applied To Today!” a poem a.k.a.: “THE BALLERINA WAY!*” a.k.a.: “Can We Dance Around A Lot Looking Pretty and Nice, Please?” Friday: March 15, 2019

When we rise up in the morning, hopefully, we’re NOT – tired as heck!
Will there be ANY singing today? or are we just – a fitful wreck?
I’m not sure I slept too much, but IF I really did,
I’m still so concerned for you, My Love! “Here’s looking at YOU, (sweet) Kid?”

Well, now, a person can TALK – of feeling happy, when they’re really, oh, so tired,
How depleted can we get? and – aren’t our families “choired,”
Together? Singing: “Are you SOCIAL DEMOCRATS really! OK?
We are TERRIBLY concerned! – about you both about your lives today!
We’d pray for you, but we’re not sure exactly what to say,
For you’ve infections and influenza – that don’t seem- to-want-to-go away!
And neither of you is working on artwork! – and you’re kinda-sorta neglecting,
What USED TO BE NORMAL! and-what YOU do NOW really-IS – affecting,
The things you do well (and like) – like swimming, tennis, art and singing!
Yes, we know! – an A1 Blog with poetry – This! your lifestyle’s bringing,
But we-are YOUR FAMILIES! and-suffering!** while you’re too sick to care,
Or assist during the day or night – even for to share,
Your wisdom and strength, for you’re too sick and tired,
So, YES! We’re concerned! Perhaps others should be HIRED!”

So, lifestyles CAN be INTERESTING! and even, yes, quite SIMPLE!
What-are-we-calling: HEALTHY-THINGS-&-Foolish Things? Let us pop “the pimple,”
And see what squirts right out, on-our-Democratic-faces, quite objective!?
[Of-course-subjective’s-good-too] but-what-about- “corrective?”

OK, Social Democrats! What’s foolish? [really] What about NOT going to The Doc?
Meaning: IF (we) I DON’T, it’s because I’ve a hard head, like a rock?***
And – EATING? Well, how can that be very much needed?
The body don’t need nourishment, does it? but-aren’t-bodies-sometimes-feeded!!?

NOW! Are THESE things “good and healthy?” A Social Democrat CAN be a cynic:
(1) lots of bed rest? (2) lots of phone? (3) lots o’ – goin’ to The Clinic?
(4) Lots of not eating? (5) Lots of dreaming of future trips;
(6) Doing more of the same – or we can just DIE NOW! doing “Happy Flips?”

Any Social Democratic suggestions? Actually, THE SAME ONES NOW AGAIN:
Food! Outdoor exercise! Focus on OTHERS! i.e.: Back to where we’re been!

I’m sure we’ll be fine; I think we’ll “turn it around!”
Because I KNOW – We have TRUE LOVE; wherever I look, it’s what I’ve found,
But we need to “heal up!” Our “healthy” lifestyle ain’t workin’!
Can you help me, my Social Democratic friend(s)? I know! Yes, tears-are-lurkin’!

So, LET’S CRY A LITTLE, HEAL UP! – and NOT focus so much on The Phone,
& piece back our tattered, Social Democratic lives, with a bit less gripe and moan!

TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS! It’s what we can do, IF WE TRY;
And we CAN do it – as husband and wife – Let’s be strong and drop THE LIE!

THE TRUTH?: I love you; I need you; I adore you ALL THE DAY,
But we can kill ourselves with this lifestyle –
It’s-definitely-NOT-“THE BALLERINA WAY!”

fin <3

* – OUR GOAL: For everyone to be happy and healthy!
** – We don’t mean to complain, but we love you! We really do, the best we can!
*** – Sometimes the person who does NOT immediately go to the Doctor’s office and tries to heal up naturally and sensibly, with patience and faith in natural healing processes, is not all that “hard-headed;” sometimes, perhaps, that is the SENSIBLE person, realizing that some people that put their trust in medicine, end up with infections and compromised immune systems and medical bills too large, especially in a place like America, where we USED TO, as Social Democrats, “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps trust life, by doing things in a more natural way and “take care of our selves by getting fresh air and exercise, with a couple good meals every day, not spending endless hours chatting on the telephone – and the rest of the time – watching TV! or drinking at the local bar! There was a time when Social Democrats used to get to bed around midnight, get up at Dawn, and go out into the world, helping other folks as best “we” could, spreading hope and offering assistance EVEN IF people ridiculed our efforts at being “too much like a boy scout!” Well, propriety and decency didn’t just appear magically; they were established long ago and far away by folks that were known as: “Social Democrats,” “philantropists;” and “do-gooders,” but always as people who tried to KEEP THEMSELVES STRONG AND AVAILABLE so they might be of assistance to “those in need!” WE**** ALL NEED HELP SOMETIMES! **** – All us tiny ballerinas!

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