Slipping away ~ sad thoughts

Slipping away from life

What is it about life, one moment you believe the journey meant something. Then along comes that time when it crashes around you. The realisation of hurting is just to intense as you stop breathing cause you’re hurting with a broken soul. Like shattered glass cutting deep, suddenly you can see all was in vain. You’re best wasn’t good enough. You’re not good enough. Life starts slipping away. Sleep is escaping from from the misery of knowing you failed again. Thoughts from yesterday.

Slipping away©️

By ace101

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Emotional pain that should be hidden away and never spoken about. There is truth in your pain. There is truth in your pain, there is growth in your pain, but only if it is in the open. Face the pain head-on, never go to sleep in pain. Pain tells you to reach out and talk about pain. Then the healing begins to breathe the sweet air. Neither is right or wrong, nurture the hurt of your love, kiss the wound, show the living they are fragile and together they have it all, hopefully, we are not too broken as little pieces will fit back together once again to ❤️ love

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