Sin & Grace *

“SIN & GRACE.” a poem, for Christians Like Us In Our Life: Dec. 10, 2019 (Tuesday)

Condemnation versus Forgiveness;

Shall we consider [The Operation of] “The Spiritual Business?”

Take, for instance, TheBasicCHRISTIANplan: (1) Admit youARE wrong,

And (2) There’ll be forgiveness for you (withMetaphorsAndSimilesSTRONG):

Step 1: Admit (that) You got SIN; like a rock, it can weigh you down.

Step 2: Inherit GRACE, a glorious crown,

Or a tasty piece of candy, ’cause we’re hungry for “Your Word.”

So, SIN can be a rock or a petrified turd.

Step 3: Transform SIN, so it can be “used” for good;

For instance, a turd can be fuel and a rock, like wood,

Can build a house, a magnificent abode.

Enduring and spacious. So, SIN needn’t be a load,

To weigh you down; it just needs realignment,

Which is what GRACE will provide: much needed refinement.

Here comes GRACE, to open your eyes, And see all the options; what a surprise,

To REALIZE and UNDERSTAND that “All Things Are Good Y’all,”

The declaration of Genesis and also of St. Paul.

Just take all you get, be it a rock or a candy; with The Blessed Holy Spirit, EVERYTHING’S DANDY,

Meaning: “With The Right Attitude & Application each GOD GIVEN “prize,”

Turns out to be a blessing, sometimes in disguise.

So, I guess, repentance means: simply to reform; With The Spirit’s help, life is warm,

And John The Baptist’s anointing can be from A Warm Spring,

While angels have GRACE’s candy; (just) REPENT, and they shall bring,

Sweetness to cover the taste of SIN’s bitter flavor. Then, all things are new: NOW, Step 4: Appreciate GOD’S FAVOR, And, in your state of appreciation and GRACE, Step 5: Come to Sunday service,

Realizing [that] SIN IS CROUCHING AT YOUR DOOR, but don’t be too nervous,

Because, IF you keep coming and repenting in your sinful, human state, You’ll,

Step 6: Get to HEAVEN (eventually), and it will be great.

When I was young, I went to Church; I was Forced, but, later in life, I went on a search.

Was I looking for: innocence? or The Holy Spirit? “There is NO innocence.” The Church won’t hear it, Since SIN is inherent? in the life of ALL. Remember? We WERE in The Garden; then, we took “A Fall.” These “facts” are clear? but NOTHING’S CLEAR TO ME; I’m simply a frail human, swimming in A Mystery.

fin β™₯


By ace101

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