Shy Stuff ~

“SHY THING(S)” a poem a.k.a.: “Food Products And Other Things That Are Not Out There On Display For A Variety of Reasons” September 11, 2019 (Wednesday)

There’s SOMETHING THERE it-could-be-in-MY-mouth, but I can’t imagine what it might be,

Because YOUR lips are closed and tight. So what it is, I can not see.

But I’m sure it’s very precious and sacred for it’s wrappED, sort of cloaked,

With a stiff, moist covering and little tags. It will-not be provoked,

Because, perhaps it’s not on display for someone like me to observe;

Heck, I suppose if I ever really encountered it, I wouldn’t have the nerve,

To approach it and love it and tell it how much it is admired;

For, I’m so shy I think I maybe should be similarly retired,

And hidden from view, never to be prodded or poked,

AND I’m sure I shouldn’t be and do not deserve ever to be stroked,

Or loved or adored because I think I may be too bizarre,

For observation or attention I should perhaps be shipped to a distant star,

Where other similarly SHY and inappropriate THINGS await their time to die,

Never getting eaten or observed or touched; on that Heavenly Body, we’ll all just cry,

Having missed our opportunity TO BE ADMIRED and maybe even to be used.

Things that are so provocative like us should only be hidden or, perhaps, abused.

fin โ™ฅ


By ace101

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