Sexual Assault by two 8-year-old boys ~

An 8 year old boy has been allegedly sexually assaulted by 2 other 8 year old boys while at school.

A mother says her eight-year-old son was sexually assaulted by another boy at a Gold Coast primary school for two months before she found out.

The shocking case is detailed in a letter the mother wrote to the Queensland premier’s office on Monday about a series of attacks on her son in a school toilet.

In the letter, the mother said she was told to move her son to a different school and that police and child safety officials would not take action because of the alleged perpetrator’s age.
“It wasn’t until my son had finally had enough of it all, that he yelled at the kid to stop and leave him alone,” she wrote.

“A passing teacher asked why it was that he was upset and after some time, he told them what he had gone through and that’s when they called me and told me about it.

“Turns out that the ones that did this to my son are only eight-years-old themselves.

“One of them is the main offender between the two, as the other one usually guards the door and according to our son, has only joined in a couple of times.”

Has this happened to your child ?
FACAA have dealt with bullying cases before but nelķ⁶ý anything on this level, that’s not bullying that’s downright sexual assault. While we are understanding of the fact that the alleged perpetrators are way under legal prosecution age, that must be cold comfort to the young boy being horrendously abused, or his family.

Also if at age 8 they are sexually assaulting a classmate, we can only begin to imagine what’s next ? Where do they go from here ? We can only hope they get the help they need and fast ! because simply put if they don’t get help we don’t want to imagine where they will end up.

But what of the young survivor ? what does he do ? Does he change schools knowing full well that in the internet age there is no doubt the boys involved will simply tell his new school mates what happened to him.

So does he move interstate ? change towns ? how does he get away from the stigma of being the child who was sexually assaulted in the bathrooms of his school ?

It’s time we addressed this problem head on before it becomes an epidemic. We need to work out what we can do about it however, we can’t legally charge them and won’t be able to for a few years at least so what do we do ?

We MUST get them help, everyone involved will need long lasting mental health help. However what do we do with the alleged perpetrators ? Juvi ? will that help ?

FACAA members we would love to hear your thoughts on what should happen with our way underage perpetrators. Clearly their offending is symptomatic of a bigger problem that has happened with them but what can we do about it ? What would you want to do about it ?

As always if anyone knows this young child or his family please let them know that the FACAA Phoenix program is open to all survivors of child abuse and their immediate non offending family members and we would love to try and help them if we can.

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