School of hard knocks ~

“DIALING!?” a poem, a.k.a.: “Tears of Sorrow; Tears of Joy!” a.k.a.: “Just Happy!” August 27 2019 (Tuesday)

A DIAL in this life – has-been “moved” over-to-The-“J,”

Which fills me with J (oy)! Here let me stay!

Turn up the volume, the frequency’s fine!

More of THIS wonderment, I-wish to-be mine?

Please be consistent, Oh God of “My Soul;”

I’ve no tears for sorrow; will-withdrawal take-its-toll?

Keep me JUST HAPPY, peaceful! right here,

Die-el-ed to “J;” I don’t want no fear!

Don’t “force-me”-to-an-“S” or-a-“C” or-a-“Z,”

But-The-“J,” it’s-maybe dying? * fading for me?

Shall-I move-the-dial-quick? before “J” MIGHT die out?

Come-on, “Dear Lord,” you-don’t-want-me to-pout,

DO YOU, Lord? Do-you? (pause) Don’t you want me JUST HAPPY?

I’m shielding my tears! Don’t-you-think-it’d-be-crappy,

To lose this here feeling? (A Once in A Lifetime?)


As my faith falters-now, shall-I switch-IT to “K,”

And pray for tomorrow – to be a good day!?

Moral: To be [TRULY?] happy, I think that we-all must,

Be-good with-all-“settings!” and-all-“letters”-to-trust,

That, whether variety-or-sameness, EITHER can-be a-trustworthy-friend;

Otherwise, The World of Uncertain-is sure-t’-be-our-end!

“The World-of HARD KNOCKS,” “where-angels-fear-t’-tread,”

Must (somehow) become “A-Place, With-A Comfortable-Bed,”

So we can live NICELY, with “Heart Knocks” all-around!

DIAL-“H” -FOR-“Heart?!” ** Sure, but at ANY setting – LOVE CAN BE FOUND!

fin โ™ฅ


It’s ONLY IF you CAN’T BE with the one you love! The one you love is ALWAYS “the one” to REALLY LOVE! ๐Ÿ™‚ – Sigh!

  • – NO! but Fear might try to convince you of that! Fear can be insistent! So can you!
  • – or ANY letter you wish, any time, and, IF you want to stay on just one letter, THAT’S WONDERFUL TOO! The main thing, I think, don’t worry about it! And, of course, if you just stick to one thing, you’ll be used to it; it may be a bit dull, but it’s FAMILIAR, and that’s important too, isn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚ – Yeah!